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Ewan McGregor's First Scene With Darth Vader Went Exactly How You'd Expect

In roughly a month, Ewan McGregor is set to finally reprise his "Star Wars" role as Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Disney+ series of the same name. And if there's one thing that fans can't be more excited for, it's the already-announced reunion between him and fellow prequels actor Hayden Christensen aka Darth Vader — who will be donning the mask and helmet this go-around.

"We're going to see a very powerful Vader," Christensen revealed to Entertainment Weekly back in March.

When Christensen and McGregor shot their scenes together for the last "Star Wars" prequel film, "Episode III – Revenge of the Sith," there was never a moment when Vader actually appeared on-screen with Kenobi — at least not in his iconic life-support suit. This means that when it came time to shoot their stuff for "Obi-Wan Kenobi," it was be the very first time that McGregor came face-to-face with George Lucas' infamous Sith Lord — a character that terrified McGregor as a child (via Total Film). 

As you can guess, McGregor's initial moments with Vader didn't go so smoothly.

Hayden Christensen's Darth Vader terrified Ewan McGregor

According to Ewan McGregor, the actor's very first scene with Hayden Christensen's suited-up version of Darth Vader turned him into a frightened six-year-old again.

"It scared the s*** out of me," McGregor recalls in a new interview with Total Film. "I'm not joking. It gave me a proper jolt of absolute fear. I was like, 'Oh my God, that's not acting. That's real. I'm really, truly frightened right now.'" To make matters even worse, Christensen did't don the character's mask and helmet during rehearsals. So when McGregor began shooting their actual scenes together, it was the first time he saw Vader in all his evil glory.

"When we came to do the scene, when they shouted 'action,' he had to come from behind me," McGregor explained. "I turned around, and f***ing Darth Vader was coming at me. It was like I was six again. I'd never acted into Vader's helmet. I'd never looked him in the eye." The former "Fargo" star had also experienced a similar feeling while filming his scenes with the Stormtroopers. "I'd worked with Clone troopers before, but so many of them were CGI," McGregor said. "When you're actually faced with a Stormtrooper, with a blaster, it's like: 'F***ing hell.'"