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Where Was Good Witch Actually Filmed?

Wrapping up its final season in July of 2021, "Good Witch" has been one of the Hallmark Channel's most popular series since it premiered back in 2015 (via The New York Times). The series, which came out of the former "The Good Witch" made-for-television movies, follows the life of Cassie Nightingale (Catherine Bell) and her daughter Grace (Bailee Madison) who are both exposed to magical heritage in the family. In the series, Dr. Sam Radford (James Denton) moves down the street from Cassie and Grace, along with his son Nick (Rhys Matthew Bond), and they soon encounter the magical family. Both Cassie and Grace quickly discover that Sam and Nick are both a bit troublesome, as Sam doesn't get along too well with Cassie and Nick has a rebellious streak.

In the series finale, things end on an emotional high note. Cassie and Sam are now married and intend to pursue adventures together in the future, while other characters, like Adam (Scott Cavalheiro) and Stephanie (Kylie Evans), get a happy ending as well, with the two also getting married at a beautiful wedding ceremony. "Good Witch" attracted many fans through the emotional connections between the characters, but it also has the notable setting of the town of Middleton, which is almost a character all its own. This is, of course, a fictional place in "Good Witch," but there must be an actual location in real life to get the appropriate footage for the show, right?

So where was "Good Witch" actually filmed? Here's what we know.

Good Witch was filmed in three different Ontario locations

In order to capture the mystical nature of Middleton, the crew for "Good Witch" had to find a place that could perfectly represent this through the town's architecture and size. Apparently, the perfect fit ended up being three different locations in Ontario, Canada. Hamilton is the specific location where the majority of scenes for "Good Witch" were filmed. There is a massive convention center located there called Liuna Station, and the cast and crew often shot much of the ending scenes for every episode on-site there because of the space it had to set up a lot of lighting. The town of Dundas, which is just down the road from Hamilton, served as the filming location for much of the scenes on Middleton streets because of the little shops and boutiques that are there, and this is also where you can find the Cassie's legendary gray house (via Toronto Star).

The third and arguably most important filming location for "Good Witch" is Cambridge, which contains the outside architecture for any shots of Cassie going somewhere during the show. Interestingly enough, the Cambridge city Twitter page did actually tweet out when and where "Good Witch" would be filming when the show was still on the air, which would be pretty neat for any tourists, but likely got old quickly for those who lived in town. Either way, fans of "Good Witch" should visit Ontario if they want to experience some of Middleton's magic themselves. "Good Witch" is streaming on Netflix right now with a subscription.