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Netflix Has Scrapped Its Plans For Will Smith's Bright 2

One might think that a world consisting of humans, elves, orcs, and other fantastical and mythical creatures would be a slam dunk when it comes to entertainment, but it seems like this may not be the case. Mixing elements of a police procedural, buddy cop films, and high fantasy, 2017's "Bright" is an action-thriller movie from Netflix starring Will Smith, Joel Edgerton, Noomi Rapace, Edgar Ramírez, and Lucy Fry.

The plot of "Bright" involves several factions across species who seek possession of a powerful magic wand that is believed to be one of the items required to resurrect an ancient entity known as the "Dark Lord." The wand itself has potent abilities that range from creative, like the ability to restore life, to destructive, as highlighted by the explosive outbursts when the wand is picked up in self-defense or brandished as a weapon.

When the movie "Bright" reaches its conclusion, it is revealed that protagonist Daryl Ward (Smith) is a "Bright," which means that he can channel incredible amounts of magical energy, and the movie ends with Ward and his orc partner, Nick Jakoby (Edgerton), hiding important details of the events to keep the powerful wand secret from all those who seek it. Unfortunately for fans of "Bright," it seems like a sequel is no longer in the works.

The sequel to Bright has been canceled

With the infamous "slap heard around the world," several Will Smith-led projects have found themselves in hot water. Another upcoming movie from Netflix with Smith attached, called "Fast and Loose," has been put on hiatus, as well as Sony's "Bad Boys 4" (via The Hollywood Reporter). Not only that, but the future for the recently announced sequel to "I Am Legend" is also in jeopardy, and production on a National Geographic program called "Pole to Pole," in which Smith will also star, has been delayed to the fall (via Bloomberg).

Sharing the story on Twitter, Bloomberg reporter Lucas Shaw added, "Netflix has also abandoned plans to make a sequel to 'Brright' [sic], but that is unrelated to the incident." Although the cancellation of "Bright 2" may be unrelated, considering the sheer number of Smith projects that have been put on pause, it seems like rushing the stage to strike a comedian for telling a joke about one's wife does some serious damage to one's image and career.