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Is I Am Legend 2 At Risk Of Being Canceled Because Of Will Smith's Slap?

Will Smith is a bona fide movie star who has headlined massive Hollywood tentpoles like "Independence Day," "Men in Black," and "Bad Boys." In acting roles, Smith is a bankable asset, and movies in which he appears have raked in a staggering $9.6 billion in total (via The Numbers), which, along with his music and TV career, has made him a household name. These days, however, the actor is not dominating conversations because of his endeavors, but rather because of his actions.

With the infamous Oscars slap hear around the world still fresh in people's memories, the future of Smith's career has become a bit murky. In the immediate aftermath of Smith striking comedian Chris Rock for an ill-favored joke, Smith resigned from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and said, per the Los Angeles Times, "The list of those I have hurt is long and includes Chris, his family, many of my dear friends and loved ones, all those in attendance, and global audiences at home." 

However, Smith's statement has not been a panacea to the fallout. In fact, both Sony and Netflix have put pauses on Smith-led projects like "Fast and Loose" and another "Bad Boys" movie (via Tech Radar). Considering the responses thus far, is the recently announced sequel to Smith's "I Am Legend" in jeopardy because of the Oscars slap?

I Am Legend 2 may be at risk, but it's not yet canceled

Released in 2007, "I Am Legend" tells the story of Robert Neville (Smith), one of the last uninfected humans left on Earth after a virus turns most of the population into what appears to be light-adverse monsters. The sequel to the movie was announced a few weeks before the Oscars, and it has Michael B. Jordan attached as both co-star and co-producer alongside Smith (via Deadline). However, no director has yet been tapped to lead the project, and "I Am Legend 2" is still in its infancy.

Considering that the potential "I Am Legend 2" movie is still far from production and the details are sparse, there are plenty of opportunities for a shakeup. Although there has been no official statement regarding the current fate of the movie, it is possible that the events of Slapgate will have a lasting impact that could cause "I Am Legend 2" to retreat back into the shadows. According to People.com, many of Smith's current projects have already felt the ramifications of the actor's outburst, but since "I Am Legend 2" was just recently announced, its future is amorphous. 

This means that although "I Am Legend 2" appears to still have the green light to go ahead, it may be too early to truly tell.