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Mia's Most Heartbreaking Moment In Yellowstone Season 3

Partway through "Yellowstone" Season 4, barrel racer Mia (Eden Brolin) violently confronts her one-time romantic partner Jimmy Hurdstrom (Jefferson White) about what she perceives to be a personal affront to their relationship. In the wake of this scene airing, a number of viewers online expressed sympathy for Mia in this moment, understanding how her heightened emotions might result from her circumstances.

That scene, however, arguably marked a rare instance of viewers siding with Mia, if only because her hurt in that moment was palpable — more recently, a number of fans shared that they would prefer Mia be absent from the supporting cast of the upcoming "Yellowstone" Season 5.

Brolin first appeared as Mia a few episodes into Season 3 (via IMDb), so thus far, her character's storyline is relatively short, culminating in her Season 4 conflict with Jimmy. In hindsight, however, one early moment from Season 3 becomes particularly heartbreaking, knowing the direction her romance with Jimmy eventually takes.

Mia's relationship with Jimmy is doomed from the start

For most of Season 3, Mia and Jimmy appear relatively happy together. It's not until Season 4 that their relationship first starts to run into significant obstacles. That said, the very first time Mia and Jimmy meet isn't so much a joyous occasion as it is a prelude to a series of complications.

Jimmy first asks out Mia in Season 3, Episode 3, just before entering a rodeo competition for the first time. As it turns out, Jimmy is thrown from a bucking bronco during his rodeo debut, and sustains a significant injury that lands him in the hospital for some time. Mia and Jimmy's romance, then, begins in an entirely unconventional manner as she visits him in the hospital, rather than on a traditional date.

If viewers could rest assured that their romance culminated in a happy ending, their first moments together might simply be considered a romantic comedy-worthy meet cute. The fact that Mia ends up estranged from Jimmy in Season 4, however, colors this scene considerably for present day viewers. With the benefit of hindsight, it now appears that Mia and Jimmy were being kept apart from the very beginning by Jimmy's accident, making any sort of momentum Mia feels about their relationship moving forward in defiance of this first, tragic sign.