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The Marc And Steven Moment Fans Are Loving In Moon Knight Episode 4

Starring Oscar Isaac in the titular role, Marvel's "Moon Knight" continues to up the ante with every installment. With Isaac's dynamic performance as Marc Spector/Steven Grant/Moon Knight, fast-paced action sequences, and Egyptian gods running amok, the series has a little bit of something for everyone. The latest episode, titled "The Tomb," was jam-packed with tomb raiding, emotional confrontations, and plenty of mummies. 

After fleeing into the desert at the end of the previous episode, Layla (May Calamawy) and Steven find the campsite around Ammit's tomb eerily deserted. Left without Khonshu's power, the pair enter the tomb to find that it's a maze in the shape of the Eye of Horus. With Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) and his henchmen hot on their trail, Steven uses his knowledge of Egyptology to help them find their destination, which happens to be the long-lost burial chamber of Alexander the Great. Marc and Steven continuously fight for control of their body, and the drama comes to a head when Layla confronts Marc about his role in her father's death. This delay allows Harrow to corner Marc/Steven in the tomb before shooting him. 

However, despite this setback, the episode ends on a semi-high note that fans absolutely love.

Steven and Marc hug it out

After being shot by Arthur Harrow, Marc awakens to find himself in an all-white psychiatric hospital populated with characters we've seen in the previous episodes. Marc seems out of it and he's briefly unable to remember what happened until being confronted by Harrow, who appears to him as a therapist. The hospital seems to be some kind of otherworldly limbo and as Marc tries to navigate it, he finds a surprise hidden inside a sarcophagus — it's Steven Grant in a separate body. Marc and Steven are so relieved to see a familiar face that they immediately hug.

Even though they have their differences, Marc and Steven do share a single corporeal form, so it was touching to see these two personalities literally embrace one another after all they've been through together. Viewers took to Reddit to express their delight at the scene. "I love how Marc and Steven's first instincts were to hug each other. Despite their differences, they've only got each other," noted u/cats809, with several fans saying that the hug was the best part of the episode.

Marc and Steven continue exploring the hospital, passing a room with another violently-rattling sarcophagus, before running into a hippopotamus-headed figure with connections to Egyptian mythology. With their lives hanging in the balance, we can only imagine what will happen to the pair in Episode 5.