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Taylor Kinney Dishes On His Favorite Scene From Chicago Fire

There are well over 200 episodes in the "Chicago Fire" catalog, and somehow the series continues to put out original stories and keep us on our toes. We've seen the dedicated workers of Firehouse 51 through some seriously tough times, which thankfully have been infused with some lighter moments full of laughter.

Over the years, some of the show's biggest stars have picked their favorite episodes and scenes out of the bunch. Kara Killmer, who plays paramedic Sylvie Brett, revealed her favorite episode came in her debut season. Killmer says Season 3, Episode 11 ("Let Him Die") was notable for her because she got to film with Charlie Barnett, who played Peter Mills, all day. Joe Minoso, one of the series OGs, mentioned his favorite moment came in the same season, but when Sylvie discovers his character, Joe Cruz, is a Zumba instructor.

If you're wondering what one of the show's most beloved stars, Taylor Kinney, has chosen as his favorite scene ever — we finally know. The actor opened up during 2022's One Chicago Day and picked one of the most memorable of the bunch.

Taylor Kinney's favorite scene happens to be with Jesse Spencer

This year's One Chicago Day was a Chi-hard's dream. Every major player from the three series sat down for interviews and gave their fans brand new behind-the-scenes information. Taylor Kinney, one of the last OGs on "Chicago Fire," revealed during the fan even that his favorite scene ever saw him partnered up with Jesse Spencer. Their characters, Kelly Severide and Matt Casey, find themselves stuck on a rooftop in Season 6, Episode 11 ("Law of the Jungle"), where they need to shut off a gas line.

Unfortunately, the line can't be shut off, so the duo has to hold the valve until the building is all clear. Once they get the green light from Chief Boden (Eamonn Walker), Casey urges Severide to run and jump off the building into the nearby river because once they let go of the valve, there will be an explosion. The pair bolt off the roof, jump, and land in the river. "It's one of the best memories that I've had of the last 10 years," Kinney said during the fan event. 

Hopefully, we get at least one more Severide-Casey scene during the much anticipated Stellaride wedding, which is rumored to feature Spencer's return.