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The Law & Order Alum You Likely Didn't Know Starred On The Flash

Throw a set of handcuffs in any direction of the iconic series "Law & Order," and chances are they will land on a familiar face who either went on to obtain fame after their stint on the series or joined the show already riding off the back of an illustrious career. Even in the revival season, "Law & Order" has seen the return of Anthony Anderson and veteran cast member Sam Waterston, as well as the introduction of newcomers like "Hannibal" star Hugh Dancy and "Halt and Catch Fire" frontman Jeffrey Donovan. As far as talent in the long-running procedural show goes, "Law & Order" has no shortage of it.

There is also one former "Law & Order" star who went from playing a detective on the beloved procedural to a police captain in The CW's Arrowverse. Stepping into a character that was just as dedicated to the badge as he was in his initial appearance in "Law & Order," this next role would see him working alongside a beloved DC superhero, swapping New York for the fictional spot of Central City in "The Flash."

The Flash's Jesse L. Martin had a lengthy tenure in Law & Order

Debuting in the 10th season of "Law and Order" in 1999, Jesse L. Martin appeared as Detective Ed Green, who replaced Benjamin Bratt's Detective Rey Curtis. A determined police officer who is a tad rough around the edges, Detective Green is a far cry from the seasoned and stoic Central City Police Captain Joe West who Martin plays in The CW's "The Flash." Joining the ranks alongside the likes of Sam Waterston and S. Epatha Merkerson, Martin appeared in eight seasons before leaving in 2008 after his character was charged with killing a suspect. Although the charges were dropped, the shame was just too much for dear old Ed, and he was then replaced by Cyrus Lupo (Jeremy Sisto).

Six years later, Martin joined "The Flash" as Captain Joe West, where he remained for eight seasons alongside Grant Gustin's scarlet speedster. However, fans received the sad news that Season 8 would be his last on the show, as the actor is stepping away from the superhero series.