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Animation Fans Won't Be Happy With This Netflix News

It wasn't so long ago that Netflix was considered the cutting edge of creative freedom in the animation industry. Though it spearheaded more than just cartoons with its Netflix Original branding, the streaming giant's willingness to support series that wouldn't have traditionally been aired on TV opened the way for many in the animation industry to make their dream projects. However, it seems as though that landscape has changed in recent years.

While Netflix still hosts plenty of unique series, the company has made some recent decisions that undeniably work against the open and creative environment they once fostered. In addition to its recent loss in revenue (resulting in a subsequent price hike for subscribers), Netflix has also fired important executives, canceled shows, and reportedly justified these decisions using "staged" data. As such, the future isn't looking bright for Netflix's animation sector, and animation fans certainly won't be happy with this news.

Netflix is losing some of its best creators to mismanagement

According to an article from The Wrap, Netflix is losing some of its most important animation creators, and it's putting the company's Kids & Family content at risk. Among the most important of these creator losses is Phil Rynda, who up until his recent firing was Netflix's Director of Creative Leadership and Development for Original Animation. However, other talented creators like Elizabeth Ito (creator of the acclaimed, yet now-canceled "City of Ghosts") and Dominic Bisignano (Executive Producer for "Centaurworld") have also left to work at Apple and Cartoon Network, respectively.

Many of these departures can be attributed to Netflix's overbearing work environment. Though the company touts an open-minded policy when it comes to criticizing executive decisions, Netflix has repeatedly displayed the opposite by canceling promising shows or failing to substantially promote shows that desperately needed promotion. When creators like Ito confronted Netflix with criticism, many reported that the company responded with "staged data" purposefully designed or used to back up Netflix's decisions. Creator input was subsequently flubbed, leading to the aforementioned mass-cancellations and staff departures.

And things don't appear to be changing for the better in Netflix's camp. The streamer remains adamant about its position, even as it suffers record drops in stocks and subscribers (via CNN). While these losses cannot be fully attributed to Netflix's mismanaged animation department, the mistreatment and losses suffered there aren't helping its position.