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Thor: Love And Thunder Merch Leaks A Major Jane Foster Mighty Thor Spoiler

"Thor: Love and Thunder" is edging ever closer to its theatrical release, and as a result, more information about the Taika Waititi-helmed four-quel is starting to leak. It's a good thing, because we've been waiting. In fact, "Love and Thunder" broke the record for the shortest window of time between a Marvel film's first release of official footage and its premiere date.

Thirsty fans were partially sated by the teaser drop on April 18. The electric and entrancing trailer experience gave us a ton of information about the upcoming film. The one part that felt a bit weak was the reveal of Jane Foster's Mighty Thor. Don't get us wrong. Natalie Portman looks set to knock the character out of the park, but she only shows up in a brief scene at the end of the trailer wielding what appears to be the recovered shards of Mjolnir.

Thankfully, a recent merch leak has provided a little more color on this point. One of the film's newest novelties is a replica of Mighty Thor's Helmet, which certainly looks awfully cool, but it's the product description that holds the real goods.

Jane Foster's superhero origin story adapts the comics pretty closely

In the description for the Mighty Thor helmet replica, we get a surprisingly thorough breakdown of the character's role in "Thor: Love and Thunder." Right out of the gate we get the most important piece of the puzzle: the origin story. The text explains that, "Suffering from cancer, astrophysicist and Thor's ex-girlfriend, Jane Foster, visited New Asgard and her life was changed forever." It goes on to explain that the pieces of Mjolnir are mysteriously reassembled, turning Foster into Mighty Thor — and yes, that makes her a hero with roughly the same set of abilities as Thor.

Before we go on, it's worth pointing two things out: First, the whole "battle with cancer and healing through becoming a superhero" bit is pulled right out of the "Mighty Thor" comics, which are the inspiration for the movie. It's also worth noting that this won't be Foster's first medical trip to Asgard in the MCU. She also went there in "Thor: The Dark World" — which happens to be Portman's last appearance in the MCU if you don't count Endgame — to get some help coping with the Aether sludge.

The rest of the merch description is filled with little nuggets of passing interest. We see that Foster is going to battle threats — internally via cancer and externally via god butchers. We also read that she'll be working with Thor, Valkyrie, and the Guardians of the Galaxy. While all of this has been expected in some form or another, it's fun to see that Taika Waititi and company are taking the source material seriously in their adaptation.