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Aaron Paul Reveals What It's Really Like Working With Karen Gillan - Exclusive

Aaron Paul's latest role sees him as trainer Trent in "Dual." He's tasked with getting Sarah (Karen Gillan) in tip-top shape for her upcoming battle against ... herself. You see, in the film's universe, people create doubles of themselves when they believe they're going to die soon. Sarah makes one after a terminal diagnosis, but after she makes a miraculous recovery, she then has to fight her other self in a battle to the death. It can be tough to kill someone who looks exactly like you, and that's where Trent comes in. It's his job to desensitize his clients to murdering their copies, and he's good at his job.

All of Paul's scenes in the movie see him acting opposite Karen Gillan, best known for her work in "Guardians of the Galaxy" and "Doctor Who." In an exclusive interview with Looper, Paul revealed what it was like to work with Gillan, and it should come as no surprise to hear that it was an utter delight.

Aaron Paul calls Karen Gillan a 'beautiful light to be around'

In Aaron Paul's interview with Looper, he revealed that he filmed all of his scenes in "Dual" over the span of four days. Seeing how his scenes all involve Karen Gillan, he had plenty of time to get to know her. She certainly made an impactful impression as Paul spoke of her fondly: "She's such a beautiful light to be around. I love her to death. I've been such a fan of hers, and she did such an incredible job with these roles in which I knew she would. It was a dream, she's incredible."

The feeling was mutual, as Karen Gillan also spoke highly of her co-star in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. In addition to praising his professionalism, Gillan also said, "He's one of the most wonderful people I've ever worked with and he's so generous."

However, Gillan wasn't the only one Paul was ecstatic to work with on "Dual." He was also a big fan of writer-director-producer Riley Stearns, whose previous credits include "Faults" and "The Art of Self-Defense." Paul knew Stearns personally before signing on to "Dual," and it was yet another dream come true to actually get to collaborate creatively. "To team up with Riley, I've been such a fan of Riley's for so long," he stated. "I've been buddies with Riley for many years now. When he approached me to come play with him on a film set, I had to say yes."

"Dual" is now playing in theaters.