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This Is How Much Curse Of Oak Island's Rick Lagina Is Actually Worth

Despite the mind-boggling amount of time and effort that brothers Mark and Rick Lagina have put into their search for the treasure of Oak Island, neither they nor any of the would-be treasure hunters they employ have hit paydirt thus far. Sure, the Laginas and their team have unearthed a handful of fascinating relics and valuables during their nine seasons on History's "The Curse of Oak Island," but they still have yet to uncover the mythical treasure trove that's said to be buried somewhere on the island.

Nobody knows for sure what this mysterious treasure actually is, though most seem to agree that it's something of immense value. Some say the Nova Scotia island holds the lost plunder of the Knights Templar, or the missing jewels of Marie Antoinette. Others claim the treasure is actually an unpublished manuscript from Shakespeare, hidden away for safekeeping. Despite a variety of guesses about what the treasure is, nearly every theory about Oak Island asserts that this treasure is something incredibly valuable, which is one of the primary reasons that so many people have dedicated their lives to uncovering it. 

Fortunately for the Laginas brothers, they don't need to worry about the treasure to make their millions — Marty has made his money in the energy industry and Rick's done remarkably well for himself already as well.

Rick's net worth is supposedly around $10 Million

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Rick Lagina's current net worth is estimated to be around $10 million — an estimate also reported by Wealthy Gorilla. While we don't doubt that Lagina would love to finally get his hands on the treasure he's devoted his life to uncovering, it's clear that the search itself has been incredibly profitable for him. The site clarifies that Lagina worked for the U.S. Postal Service prior to his time on "The Curse of Oak Island," and indicates that most of the money has come primarily from his nine seasons on television. Along with his brother Marty, Lagina also owns a controlling interest in the Oak Island Tours company, which owns the majority of the Oak Island location and runs tours there periodically.

Though Lagina has done remarkably well for himself despite never actually finding the mythical treasure of Oak Island, both he and Marty assert their search isn't actually about the money at all. As fans know well by now, the real reason both brothers are so obsessed with the island is simply that they want to find the truth of what is really hidden there. In essence, it's more about solving the island's mystery than it is about getting rich, which is perhaps why they've managed to stay motivated for so long despite never finding the island's hidden treasure.