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Why Money Is A Taboo Topic For The Lagina Brothers On The Curse Of Oak Island

"The Curse of Oak Island" tackles a fairly mighty endeavor for a TV show of its size, attempting to definitively solve one of the greatest mysteries of the past couple of centuries. Thus, it follows that the documentary series, which focuses on brothers Marty and Rick Lagina and their expedition to uncover the secrets of Oak Island and the legend of the treasure-filled Money Pit in Nova Scotia, is far from an inexpensive effort.

Launching an exploration on the scale of the one featured in "The Curse of Oak Island," which has continued for nearly eight years since the show began in 2014, has a clear and visible cost that anyone familiar with the series will quickly be able to identify. In order to make progress on various leads located around the island, the team regularly requires a great deal of heavy machinery, radar equipment, hired divers, and other major expenses. Despite how crucial funding is to the continuation of the exploration, the finances of the Lagina brothers' grand undertaking seem to be a sore subject for them for one particularly inspirational reason.

It's about the dream, not the money

It is immediately clear to fans of "The Curse of Oak Island" that the Lagina brothers hold an enduring passion for their exploration of the mystery. It seems to be strictly for the purpose of holding that passion paramount beyond anything else that the pair prefer not to discuss their finances openly.

According to TV Over Mind, the brothers were once asked in an interview about how and by whom their ongoing exploration of Oak Island was financed. The two remained tight-lipped, with Rick explaining to the interviewer that they don't even like to discuss the dealings of money off-camera and that the thing most important to them is their long-standing dream of uncovering the secrets of the island. Despite this firm stance, Marty supplied at least one revealing tidbit about the logistics of money behind their operation. According to him, the entire Oak Island exploration featured in the show is strictly financed by the two Lagina brothers. Given that Marty has had a highly successful career in the energy industry, his answer seems feasible.

Provided that this information about funding is accurate, it reinforces the idea that the Lagina brothers are putting their dream first and monetary dealings second. Perhaps it should come as no surprise to longtime fans of "The Curse of Oak Island" that the show is predicated on the thrill of inquiry and investigation first and foremost.