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We've Actually Seen Officer Torres On Chicago P.D. Before

When NBC's long-running One Chicago police drama "Chicago P.D." released Season 9, Episode 18 ("New Guard"), one conspicuous new face on the force is uniformed cop Dante Torres (Benjamin Levy Aguilar). As Torres comes on board for his initial training, Detective Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) mentors the newcomer in the best practices of working in the police force. 

However, friction quickly develops between the two when the pair respond to a shooting. Halstead tells Torres to stay behind as he goes after the gunman, but Torres ignores Halstead's orders and joins in the pursuit anyway. When the suspect is later brought in for questioning, Torres is told to simply observe, but again steps over the line. Unwilling to play second fiddle for even a moment, Torres instead starts asking the suspect a variety of questions, in direct contradiction to Halstead's instruction.

Understandably, Halstead is angered by the new guy's behavior and excessive hubris, and the situation doesn't improve when Intel Unit Sergeant Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) discovers their team could include a mole. Because he is so new and unruly, suspicion immediately falls on Torres. As veteran "Chicago P.D." viewers are surely aware, the show's scriptwriters are fully capable of pulling a good-cop-revealed-as-bad-guy twist, so this theory definitely remains a possibility. However, even as fans ponder this weighty issue, they may also have the feeling they've seen the actor playing Torres somewhere before. And the truth is, they have seen him — on an earlier episode of "Chicago P.D."

The actor playing Torres portrayed a different character in Season 7

As it turns out, before taking on the role of Torres, Benjamin Levy Aguilar also appeared on-screen in a 2019 episode of "Chicago P.D." The installment in question is "Chicago P.D." Season 7, Episode 1 ("Doubt") (via IMDb). 

In this episode, Detectives Jay Halstead and Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos) attempt to prove Hank Voight's innocence in the murder of Chicago mayoral candidate Brian Kelton (John C. McGinley). Early in the investigation, detectives discover that Franco Chavaro (Aguilar) is the owner of the gun used in the killing. To put it mildly, things aren't looking very good for Chavaro at this point in the process. However, it is later realized that an officer in the Chicago Police Department stole Chavaro's gun during a prior raid. As a result, Chavaro would have had no access to the gun at the time of the murder, and he is thus eliminated from the investigation. 

While we haven't seen Chavaro return to the series since Season 7, it's notable that the series' creative team was willing to introduce a second character also portrayed by Aguilar, especially after only two seasons away. Interestingly, Aguilar is not the only actor to play two characters on "Chicago P.D." Kurt Naebig first played Lt. Bruce Belden in the first season of the series and returned in Season 9 as a totally different character.