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This Is Where Where Funny Farm Was Actually Filmed

Though some of the decade's biggest hits are admittedly a bit dated, there's arguably no 10-year stretch in the history of cinema that delivered as many classic comedies as the 1980s. And during that prolific period, few comedians were as prominently featured on the big screen as Chevy Chase. In fact, Chase claimed 17 feature film credits during his eighties heyday, many of which came in comedic staples like "Caddyshack," "National Lampoon's Vacation," "Fletch," "Spies Like Us," and "Three Amigos." Heck, he even closed out the decade with one of the most beloved holiday films of all time in "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation." 

Still, if there's one film in Chase's eighties oeuvre that feels unfairly overlooked, it's 1988's fish-out-of-water comedy "Funny Farm." Despite earning solid enough critical notes (per Rotten Tomatoes) — including glowing reviews from Siskel & Ebert — the hilarious tale of city slickers Andy Farmer and his wife Elizabeth (Chase and Madolyn Smith) moving to an idyllic New England town didn't exactly set the box office ablaze (per Box Office Mojo). 

"Funny Farm" has, however, developed a cult following over the years, from Chase fans who cannot get enough of the film's city folk in a small town schtick. But even those fans may not realize "Funny Farm" is one of those rare movies that was actually filmed in the same location where it was set. 

Funny Farm was filmed almost entirely in Vermont

The small town the Farmers come to call home in "Funny Farm" is Rosebud, Vermont. While Rosebud itself is a fictional place, the locations in which "Funny Farm" filmed were real enough. And yes, the cast and crew of the film actually did trek all the way to Vermont for the production, with Vermonter.com claiming virtually every frame of "Funny Farm" was indeed filmed in the Green Mountain State. 

Per a 2019 "Nick P Was Here" YouTube video, however, it seems not every scene in "Funny Farm" was shot in Vermont, as the film's opening moments were lensed in front of a posh New York apartment building. Still, once the Farmers make their Big Apple exit, Vermont takes center stage the rest of the way. That includes the gorgeous, pond-side house the Farmers call home in Redbud, as both Vermonter and Nick P confirm the Cape Cod styled structure is very much a real place, and remains a private residence located in Grafton, Vermont.

If you're wondering about Redbud's Rockwell-esque town square, it seems nearby Townshend, Vermont proved a perfect stand in. And per Nick P's video, not much has changed since "Funny Farm" shot there, with even a gazebo built by the film's production crew remaining in tact. So too is the infamous Downer's Covered Bridge, which is very much still standing, and can currently be driven by anyone who makes their way to Weatherton, VT to see it.