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What Has Joelle Carter Been Up To Since Chicago Justice Was Canceled?

While Joelle Carter has been a mainstay actor in such popular episodic TV fare as "Justified" and "Scandal," she's best-known to longtime "One Chicago" fans as State's Attorney Investigator Laura Nagel in all 13 episodes of the short-lived legal drama "Chicago Justice." 

As the fourth entry in producer Dick Wolf's expansive "One Chicago" lineup of procedural series on NBC, "Chicago Justice" focused in on the crime-busting team of lawyers and investigators of the State's Attorney's office as they fought to bring down some of Chi-town's worst offenders. A central player in the series, Carter's Laura Nagel was one of the more emotionally multilayered characters on the show, bringing to her performance the personal baggage of a troubled past and an ongoing custody battle with her ex-husband.

While the show was a one-season-and-done affair for the actors, her fans are likely curious about what she's been up to since her brief stint on "Chicago Justice." Well, we've got the Joelle Carter update you've been waiting for.

Joelle Carter has been busy since her time on Chicago Justice

Immediately following the 2017 cancellation of "Chicago Justice," Joelle Carter's next gigs included playing Megan Mitchell in the TV series "The Rookie" in 2018 and Sunny Daniels in the TV movie "Salvage." Also beginning in 2018, Carter took on the dual roles of Yvonne Newsome and Denise Meehan-Shepard in the anthology series "Dirty John," appearing in five episodes.

Just before small roles in films including "She's in Portland" and "Punching and Stealing," Carter returned to the "One Chicago" universe in 2020, but not in her former guise as Laura Nagel. Instead, she played drug addict Lynne Driscoll in a one-off appearance in the "Chicago Med" episode "Guess It Doesn't Matter Anymore." Then, in 2020 and 2021, she portrayed school principal Kim Collins in all 20 episodes of the Apple TV+ mystery series "Home Before Dark." Currently, Carter is on tap to play Helen Hill in the baseball biopic "The Hill," now in post-production.

So for fans wondering what she's been up to recently, this sums up the apparently full acting schedule of Joelle Carter following the cancellation of "Chicago Justice."