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The Margaret Scene That Went Too Far On Yellowstone's 1883

Contains spoilers for "1883"

While the events of modern Western family drama "Yellowstone" seem to occur either in or adjacent to our present, prequel spinoff "1883" takes place in its namesake year, just over a century prior to its progenitor. At the core of the show are Margaret and James Dutton (Faith Hill and Tim McGraw), a couple who, at the beginning of the series, leave their Tennessee home behind in hopes of starting a better life in Montana. Fans with anything more than a passing interest in the franchise know that Margaret and James are the great-grandparents of John Dutton (Kevin Costner), meaning that their journey effectively lays the groundwork for his eventual "Yellowstone" storyline.

Over the course of the 10 episodes that comprise "1883," many of the members of the crew with whom Margaret and James travel succumb to various hardships up to and including death. Margaret and Hames themselves, however, both live long enough to conclude their journey and lay the groundwork for the all-important Dutton ranch. Doing so, however, requires navigating their fair share of difficult scenarios, including one where some viewers felt Margaret made an altogether bewildering and perhaps unsympathetic decision.

Many viewers don't understand why Margaret didn't accompany Elsa

The final episode of "1883" is largely defined by a Dutton family tragedy: the death of Elsa (Isabel May). At its start, Elsa is suffering from a poison arrow wound that she eventually learns is untreatable and fatal. Members of a Crow settlement that help diagnose Elsa's ailment suggest that a nearby parcel of land in Montana, known as Paradise Valley, might serve as Elsa's final resting place. In order to transport Elsa there prior to her death, James departs on horseback, while Margaret stays behind with their son John I (Audie Rick).

In the wake of this scene airing, one Reddit user started a thread titled "Episode 10 discussion : Time Margaret spent with Elsa (Spoiler)" asking for other users' opinions as to why Margaret didn't join James on his journey to transport Elsa to Paradise Valley. Another Reddit user started a thread simply titled "Why?!" asking this same question, and adding that Margaret had access to a horse that would have allowed her to ride alongside her husband and daughter.

Given that her decision to stay behind with young John elicited multiple discussion threads from viewers, this moment in the "1883" finale seems to mark the time Margaret most went too far from throughout the entirety of the "Yellowstone" prequel series.