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The Best Find On American Pickers Season 12

"American Pickers" is the History Channel show for those who really enjoy yard sales or traveling back in time by discovering everything from figurines to old signs and motorcycles. The show's long-time hosts Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz — the latter of whom is no longer with the series — drive around the country looking for good "picks" in their shop van that reads "Antique Archeology," scouring every back road barn and overgrown field for rare items from the world's past.

Over the years, they've found some exceptional items and convinced the owners, one way or another, to sell them, allowing our antique hunting hosts the opportunity to give items a new life. Some items undoubtedly stand out amongst the rest, and certain episodes contain a gold mine of fantastic finds.

Season 12 has 14 episodes of great items and engaging history lessons to go along with them. However, one item is such a rare gem with such a fascinating history that it takes the prize as the best find of the entire season.

An Auburn Phaeton creates lasting connections on the show

In Season 12 of "American Pickers," Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz are digging around a building on the property belonging to collectors and long-time husband and wife duo Jan and Sandy in South Dakota, when they come across an old, not-running 1935 Auburn 653 Phaeton. The car was an item of luxury in its heyday, and Mike didn't want to pass it up. After Jan's asking price of $80,000 is brought down to a cool $26,050 and Mike promises Jan that he'll bring it back for him to drive once the Phaeton is up and running, the pickers get the car. You can watch the clip from the episode on YouTube.

Mike makes good on his promise in a later season, though unfortunately, Jan has passed away; Mike takes Sandy for a ride in the car as she carries a photograph of her late husband along with her. The car is a rare find, especially in a condition that allows it to be restored and maintained to once again have a life on the road. It also allowed for a type of personal connection between the show's hosts and the car's prior owners that could only come from unburying such an important part of the couple's history together.