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13 Most Popular Frozen Characters Ranked Worst To Best

"Frozen" came out in 2013 to thunderous applause, immediately cementing itself as a Disney classic thanks to its enchanting and incredibly relatable story. While love is at the heart of this wintery tale, "Frozen" truly stands above the rest as it's a story of love between sisters. The two films show how the characters Anna and Elsa work to find their place in the world while holding on to the love that they have for one another. "Frozen" brings these two princesses to center stage, making them save each other rather than having a man do it for them. And while other Disney films have brought female empowerment to the center of their tales before (for example, with 2012's "Brave"), it's the magical characters in "Frozen" that make this film seem truly unique.

Because of this, we thought we'd take a look at some of the amazing characters displayed in "Frozen" and its 2019 sequel, "Frozen II." Head into the unknown with us as we take a look at the 10 most important characters from the two films ranked from worst to best according to their likeability. Let's dig in!

Prince Hans

Prince Hans (voiced by Santino Fontana) of the Southern Isles is initially introduced as a romantic interest for the young and naive princess Anna. The two even have a meet-cute. While it's strange that they fall in love and get engaged in a matter of minutes, this is a Disney movie, and we've seen people fall in love and announce true love with even less. Still, no one suspected that Hans would end up being so low on this list, especially when he seemingly takes care of the people of Arendelle when it's frozen and Anna and Elsa aren't around.

Imagine the look on our faces when it's revealed that Hans is the true villain of the story. He uses Anna's naive behavior in the hopes of taking the crown for himself. As someone with 12 older brothers, Hans knows that the only way to become king is through marriage. His master plan unravels when he is willing to let Anna freeze to death and tries to murder Elsa in cold blood to get what he wants. Luckily, he is stopped by Anna and sent back to his homeland, where his older brothers can deal with him.

Can we all collectively agree that Hans and his manipulation are the worst?

King Runeard

Next up is a character that's actually not alive throughout the two films "Frozen" and "Frozen II." King Runeard (voiced by Jeremy Sisto) is introduced in the second film as Anna and Elsa's grandfather and the previous king of Arendelle. At first, his character seems harmless enough, but it's later revealed that King Runeard is a cruel man with ambitions of power.

As children, he told the sisters a story about a treaty King Runeard forced with a neighboring tribe the Northuldra. As a part of the treaty, he built a dam in the tribe's home in the Enchanted Forest. Unfortunately, a fight broke out, and the king was killed. As an adult, Elsa discovers that the story her father told was not the truth. Instead, King Runeard began the conflict by killing the unarmed Northuldran leader, and he built the dam to reduce the Northuldran's resources. His betrayal of the Northuldra resulted in his death and caused danger to his own son and men in the process.

Duke Of Weselton

The Duke of Weasleton — sorry Weselton — is set up to be the main villain in the first film "Frozen." From the moment he's introduced, the duke has obvious ambitions regarding the newly appointed Queen Elsa — he aims to uncover the secrets he believes Elsa and Arendelle hold. Once Elsa's powers are revealed, the duke is the first to call her names, such as monster or witch. He embodies everything that Elsa fears about herself, causing her powers to spiral out of control.

Once a group of citizens decides to go looking for Elsa, he volunteers two of his henchmen to go and put an end to the queen. Permanently. While these two characters ultimately fail, we can't help but hate the duke for his part in making Elsa freak out after her coronation. He is instrumental in trying to get the kingdom against Elsa, and for that reason, he deserves a low ranking on this list.

King Agnarr

Voiced by Maurice LaMarche in "Frozen" and Alfred Molina in "Frozen II," Kind Agnarr is the father to Elsa and Anna. Due to the circumstances involving the death of his father, King Runeard, Agnarr is deeply afraid once his daughter Elsa develops powers similar to that of the Northuldra tribe in the Enchanted Forest. As King Agnarr doesn't know the truth surrounding his father, he does all he can to help his daughter Elsa hide her powers, as he believes them to be dangerous.

While King Agnarr isn't a bad father or character by any means, he does teach Elsa to conceal a big part of herself rather than to embrace who she is and what she can do. Because of his insistence to hide her away from the world, she grows up in fear, believing that her power is wrong. It's because of this that Elsa's always looking for acceptance and self-love, as she never truly felt them growing up. Unfortunately, it's the actions of a scared father trying to protect and do what's right for his daughter that give him such a low ranking on this list.


While Oaken is only seen in a small scene in "Frozen," he's still a loveable character that deserves some recognition and a spot on this list. Voiced by Chris Williams, Oaken is a spa and shop owner that's a joy to watch right off the bat. His character is even featured in Season 4 of the hit series "Once Upon a Time," which brings fairy tale characters to the real world and expands on their stories in ways the Disney films never could.

According to Hypable, "Once Upon a Time" introduced this loveable shop owner into an episode because he's considered to be a fan favorite. This is unsurprising, as in "Frozen," Oaken is a gentle giant who's close with his family and runs an honest business. When Kristoff calls him a crook, his feelings are clearly hurt as he knows that he is anything but. He even has his family with him at work. Is there anyone that doesn't love this character?

Grand Pabbie

Voiced by Ciarán Hinds, Grand Pabbie is the leader of the trolls. and his knowledge of all things magical makes him a valuable asset to the people of Arendelle. Luckily, he uses his knowledge and power for good. Grand Pabbie is the first to help Anna when Elsa accidentally uses her powers against her. Her parents bring Anna to the trolls, where he tells Elsa that she must control her powers.

This moment repeats itself when the sisters are older, as Grand Pappie tells Anna that only an act of true love could thaw her heart as it's being frozen and turning into ice. If it wasn't for Grand Pabbie, none of the events from the first film "Frozen" would have taken place, as he's integral in saving both Anna and Elsa's lives. Grand Pabbie also has a loving side as he helps to raise orphan Kristoff and opens up the trolls to accept him as family. We've got a soft side for this rock-hard troll.

Lieutenant Mattias

Lieutenant Mattias is a welcome addition to the cast of "Frozen II." Voiced by the amazingly talented Sterling K. Brown, he is one of King Runeard's men and is betrayed by the king due to his aspirations for power. Mattias and the rest of his men end up being stranded with the Northuldra tribe in the Enchanted Forest. Unfortunately, they continue to fight against the tribe, not realizing the truth of what their king did to their tribe leader.

When Lieutenant Mattias meets the two sisters, he helps Anna to destroy the den King Runeard built and saves her life in the process. But where his character truly shines is when he tells of the love he's held onto for the past 35 years for Halima, a woman living in Arendelle. It's safe to say that when Lieutenant Mattias returns home again, we were all rooting for him and Halmia to reunite and live happily ever.


While Sven is technically a character that never speaks, hear us out! Sven is Kristoff's trusted friend, who also happens to be a reindeer. And as mentioned previously, Kristoff is an orphan that was raised by the trolls, so he turned to Sven for much of his childhood as the two practically grew up together. Therefore, Kristoff spends much of his time interpreting what he believes Sven is thinking. And most of the stuff he's saying is spot on.

Sven gives Kristoff the kick in the butt that he sometimes needs, and audiences can see how Sven feels about something simply by looking at his animated facial expressions. We don't even really need Kristoff to say what's happening. As the voice of reason and the adorable sidekick, Sven is there whenever Kristoff needs him. And it's his wholesome nature and loyalty to those he loves that ranks him so high on this list.

Queen Iduna

Voiced by "Westworld's" Evan Rachel Wood in "Frozen II" and Jennifer Lee in "Frozen," Queen Iduna goes through a massive character arc between the two films. In "Frozen," she's barely seen and seemingly goes along with whatever her husband, King Agnarr, says in regards to dealing with Elsa's powers. However, this changes significantly in "Frozen II."

Queen Iduna is shown to have magical powers on her own as she's from the Northuldra tribe in the Enchanted Forest. She's the reason that Agnarr is not killed like his father, King Runeard, or trapped in the Enchanted Forest with his men like Lieutenant Mattias. The queen is instrumental in helping Elsa realize that she has all the strength that she's ever needed inside, and her memory allows Elsa to find an inner peace she never knew was in her reach. It's because of Iduma that Elsa finds the strength to tell Anna that she wants to stay in the Enchanted Forest to protect the people while Anna returns to Arendelle as their new queen. The duet between the ghost memory of Queen Iduma and Elsa is a beautiful and powerful moment of self-acceptance, resulting in Queen Iduna being one of the greatest characters in "Frozen."


Voiced by Jonathan Groff, Kristoff is probably one of the most relatable Disney princes audiences have been given since Aladdin. He's your everyman who's making his way through the world and not trying to get involved in any drama. Until Anna pulls him into some, that is.

Kristoff is the perfect partner for Anna as he's self-assured and confident in what he has. He's an excellent balance to Anna's someone eccentric characteristics and isn't afraid to tell her when she's wrong or being somewhat impulsive. Kristoff is a rock that Anna can lean on in "Frozen II" when she realizes that Elsa needs to grow and do what she wants, even if that means leaving Anna behind. Both Anna and Kristoff never truly had a family growing up, so it's nice that they're able to find that in each other. While the story of "Frozen" is ultimately about Anna and Elsa, the fact that Kristoff is so high on this list just goes to show how good of a character he is for the story and the sisters who love him. We'd love to see more of his relationship with Anna in the future.


Heading into the top three is the loveable and magical snowman, Olaf. Voiced by Josh Gad — who's no stranger to Disney films as he portrayed LeFou in the live-action film "Beauty and The Beast" — Olaf is a welcome surprise to "Frozen." He's the childhood snowman that Anna and Elsa used to play with as kids, and when Elsa runs away and tests her magical abilities, she accidentally brings Olaf to life.

Like Anna, Olaf is a naive character, but it's all a part of his charm. He says whatever is on his mind, which may result in him talking too much. However, the things that he says tend to have a sweetness in them, as he's like a child. Olaf is responsible for telling Anna that "some people are worth melting for" (swoon) and "you're going to have to do this next part on your own" (cue the tears). He lets audiences know that there's only one thing in this world that's permanent, and that's love, which is truly the theme of these films. 


The eldest of the Arendelle princesses, Elsa lives a sheltered life as she closes herself off to everyone following the death of her parents. She believes that concealing her powers is the only way that she can ensure she doesn't hurt anyone. She constantly fears that people will discover her secret and shun her for being different.

While Elsa goes through a massive character arc of self-discovery, she spends most of the two films trying to protect her younger sister Anna. In "Frozen II," she finally realizes that her sister doesn't need protection — she's strong in her own right — and Elsa decides to put her happiness ahead for the first time in her life. She's a strong character who ends the "Frozen" films at peace with herself as she is finally free. She's a character that many look up to as being strong, confident, and relevant in today's world of self-doubt.

Elsa would have taken the top spot on this list if it wasn't for one other strong female character who steals the show.


Princess Anna is the most popular and best character in "Frozen" and "Frozen II." Not only is her humor and sarcasm incredibly loveable, but she's honestly the most relatable character in both films. She snores when she sleeps, she's extremely outspoken, and she's clumsy rather than being the stoic graceful princess we're used to seeing.

Anna drops everything to help her sister when she's worried that Elsa is in trouble. And while she may be holding on to Elsa too tightly, she only wants to have the relationship they once did when they were kids. While Anna has no powers, she tries to follow Elsa to the ends of the earth as she believes that they're stronger together. Just as Elsa learns to let go and find freedom, Anna learns how to stand on her own two feet without depending on her sister to be there to guide her.

Anna is a character that everyone roots for, and we're so happy that she takes the throne as the new queen of Arendelle.