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How Chicago Med Fans Really Feel About The Return Of This Original Cast Member

Similar to many other medical dramas, the massive popularity of NBC's "Chicago Med" stems not only from its titular hospital setting but also the colorful cast of characters who staff the place and their eventful interpersonal dynamics. Over the years, fans have gotten attached to characters like Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) and Maggie Lockwood (Marlyne Barrett) as they've watched them grow both in their professional and personal lives. However, "Chicago Med" has also had to endure its fair share of character departures over the years. Some original cast members, such as Colin Donnell's Connor Rhodes and Yaya DaCosta's April Sexton, have left the series to pursue other creative endeavors. 

Saying goodbye to these longtime characters is always a difficult task for fans to contend with, but it seems that they've actually gotten the reverse of this ordeal for once. An original "Chicago Med" star who had been largely absent from the series for a time is now back on the cast full-time and their recent return has prompted a very strong reaction from fans.

Fans are loving Dr. Ethan Choi's return

After being largely absent from the show's seventh season apart from a select few episodes, the aloof yet loveable Dr. Ethan Choi (Brian Tee) made his triumphant full-time return to the series in Season 7, Episode 18, titled "Judge Not, for You Will Be Judged." Largely healed from the gunshot injury that originally forced him to take time off, Choi returned to the hospital to help an abused patient escape her abuser. It seems that many fans were delighted with the character's return.

"Dr. Choi is backkkk *crying screaming throwing up*," Twitter user @drvnkonlove tweeted. "I've missed him so much I didn't think I would have missed him this much but I did and I'm so happy he's finally back!!!" Another user, @loveylab23, also expressed their enthusiasm, referring to the good doctor as the "Most sane character on the show." 

On the other hand, some fans were happy to see Choi back, but were frustrated when he said he wanted the decidedly non-fan-favorite character Dr. Dean Archer (Steven Weber) to remain as the head of the hospital's Emergency Department for a while longer. For instance, Twitter user @the_el_zy tweeted claimed that they shouted out loud in anger at this moment. 

Regardless of his character's current trajectory, it appears that Choi's return to "Chicago Med" is cause for celebration in the eyes of many fans. Going forward, the show has one more of its original leads right back where they belong.