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The Fast & Furious Franchise May Be Heading For Some Major Changes

It's crazy that the most car-obsessed "family" in movie history started out stealing TVs with built-in DVD players at the start of the franchise. Now eight films later, we've had some of them head into space and others reveal brothers we never knew they had or were unable to see. There's no denying that the "Fast & Furious" franchise has become more bonkers with every explosive installment that followed, and it might well be reaching its peak with its next two chapters, which look to be bringing a close to the franchise — this one, at least.

Set for release on May 19, 2023, "Fast & Furious 10" will be bringing the likes of Jason Momoa and Brie Larson into the fold for an even more explosive chapter leading up to the swan song of the series. Nevertheless, even with these last two installments seemingly setting up a close, producer Neal H. Moritz has recently discussed a future beyond "Fast & Furious 11," and it may put things in reverse in just the right ways.

Fast & Furious producer Neal H. Moritz wants to go small

Appearing on the podcast "The Town with Matthew Belloni," franchise producer Neal H. Moritz explained that he'd like to send any future chapters into slightly more diminutive territory after the 11th, potentially heading down roads that were introduced in "The Fast and the Furious" way back in 2001. "Honestly, I think going forward I'd like to actually go smaller," Moritz explained, looking past putting Ludacris in a rocket or bringing characters back from the dead. "And I'd like to start to go back to where we started. I think that's an interesting way to go. I like to zig and then zag. I like to try and do something different, and I think that's what audiences demand these days."

Different can deliver the goods on occasion, but bringing things back to street level might be a task given whatever next dumb and stupidly fun spectacle is lined up for the upcoming film. We'll just have to see how Dominic Toretto and co. handle things when "Fast & Furious 10" revs into gear later this year.