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Are Zack And Amy From Paradise Hotel Still Together?

Many reality TV shows have built multiple seasons around romance and lasting connections, where you really might meet your true love on a television set. This could mean contestants try to win over a single person, like "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette," or a different situation, like the premise of the short-lived, gloriously trashy "Paradise Hotel." The FOX series follows a group of singles living in a luxury hotel who have to pair up and live together in order to stay there — or risk getting replaced by another contestant. At stake is a large money prize that the winning couple has to split among themselves.

The original "Paradise Hotel" aired for two seasons in 2003 and 2008, and a revival had one season before being canceled in 2019 (via Deadline). Yet, the series is actually an international hit franchise, with other versions of the show produced in more than 18 countries (via Variety). With so many fans, some may be wondering about the fate of Zack and Amy, the power couple of the first season. Here's more about their current relationship status years after the series ended.

Amy and Zack are not still together

Contestant Zack Stewart appears in the first two seasons of "Paradise Hotel" and is declared the winner of the second round, splitting the cash prize with two of the finalists. Zack also has an epic, tortured romance in Season 1 with fellow competitor Amy Toliver, even famously returning to the show for her after getting kicked off.

Considering their tumultuous relationship and Zack's infidelity in the series, it may not be a surprise to fans that Zack and Amy didn't stay together after production wrapped. When asked by World of Wonder in 2017 about whether or not he stays in touch with other cast members, Zack mentioned staying in contact with a few, with Amy noticeably absent. Today, Zack is a paramedic and firefighter raising a daughter in Arizona.

Meanwhile, Amy performed as part of the Arizona Cardinal cheerleaders for some time (via Twitter). She is also credited as an actress on IMDb, but her only credit is playing Fire Dancer in 2014's "Mafia Heaven." It definitely seems like these days, the star-crossed reality show lovers have gone their separate ways and are on very different paths in life.