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Here's Where You Can Watch Every Episode Of Paradise Hotel

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When it comes to reality television, "Paradise Hotel" certainly had a wild ride and even wilder premise. In 2003, the first season of the show premiered on FOX. The show centered on a group of singles who got to live in a fancy resort hotel. However, luxury alone doesn't necessarily equate to unscripted drama, so the chosen contestants paired off into couples and shared a room for the chance for a bit of romance as well as to win big money. Any person that was left off must pair with someone the next episode or face leaving the resort.

"Paradise Hotel" may not have the strong reality legacy as "Survivor," but it certainly had an interesting premise. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the first season of the show did well enough to generate a second season in 2008 for MyNetworkTV and become an international hit that spawned numerous versions around the world. Eventually, this led to a revival of in 2019 for FOX, but it was short-lived. Per Deadline, the 2019 version of "Paradise Hotel" only lasted a brief seven episodes. Luckily, the single season was still entertaining and ended with a shocking twist at the end that shook fans up.

If you're wanting to revisit the 2019 revival or are curious about some of the older series that preceded it, fortunately, they are available to stream.

Paradise Hotel is available on Amazon Prime and Vudu

Streaming for "Paradise Hotel" might be slightly limited compared to other shows like "Temptation Island," but there are still some great options available. If you've got an Amazon Prime account as well as an afternoon to binge some reality television drama, then Amazon Prime is the way to go. For first-time viewers that are curious but missed out on the 2019 "Paradise Hotel" the first time around, single episodes of the series are available from the service. But with only seven episodes in total, the best option is probably buying the entire season. That option is slightly cheaper than buying it by the episode.

For fans who want to watch the 2019 revival but are also ready to travel back to 2008 for part of the original series, Vudu is your best bet. The streaming service has the 2019 season and the 2008 season. With 16 episodes of the 2008 season plus a bonus reunion show, the Vudu option could get costly, especially when combining it with the revival show, but it will make for a great evening of revisiting some nostalgia. Unfortunately, as for the original 2003 season, there aren't any streaming options available just yet.