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These Were Erin Moriarty's Favorite Scenes To Film For The Boys

Like just about every member of Amazon Prime Video's "The Boys," Erin Moriarty's Annie January (aka Starlight) has endured an equal-parts traumatizing, diabolical, and gory life experience. Although she grew up striving to be part of The Seven, Season 1 sees her quickly disappointed to learn that the powers that be are among the most corrupt villains on the planet. Indeed, from The Deep to Homelander himself, Vought's famous superheroes routinely prove themselves unworthy of the power granted to them by Compound V. However, even more devastating to Starlight is the Season 2 discovery that her gifts are merely the result of her mother's desperate attempts to grant her a special leg up in life.

Luckily, although there is plenty of doom and gloom within the "The Boys" universe, things appear much cheerier in real life for the cast and crew behind the series. Moriarty and the rest of "The Boys" cast have been vocal about how much they enjoy working together (via Decider), and there are plenty of behind-the-scenes bloopers that reflect this. While doing a cover shoot and interview with FAULT Magazine in 2020, Moriarty was asked which scenes in "The Boys" she enjoys shooting the most. Considering the type of entertainment "The Boys" is best known for, her answer may surprise some people.

Erin Moriarty enjoys the 'human' scenes

In answering a question about her favorite scenes in "The Boys," Erin Moriarty noted that the superhero sequences in the Starlight costume are always fun to shoot. However, she further explained that she prefers some of the slower stuff over the big action setpieces. "The superhero component of the show is super fun because it's like living out my childhood fantasy, but my favorite scenes to film are ones that make the story as human as possible," Moriarty said (via FAULT Magazine). "I'm the only superhero in the show that gets to double as a regular human who is going through very human issues."

To make this point, Moriarty zeroed in on one specific set of scenes in the second season of the series. "The moments on the road trip were some of my favorites because all of the scenes are about connection," Moriarty said. "On set, it was all about having real moments with each other as actors and connecting more — so it was really fun to shoot." 

As fans will surely recognize, Moriarty is referring to a set of scenes in "The Boys" Season 2, Episode 4 ("Nothing Like it In the World"). In this episode, Starlight, Mother's Milk (Laz Alonso), and Hughie Campbell (Jack Quaid) set out on a search for an old superhero named Liberty in an effort to learn more about Stormfront (Aya Cash). Despite such high stakes, the journey allows the three to grow significantly closer. 

Given the track record of "The Boys," it certainly seems likely that there will be more human moments like this in future seasons — along with a considerable amount of gore, of course.