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The Cult Awakens In New American Horror Story Promo

If you are scared of clowns, this upcoming season of American Horror Story is definitely not for you. The newest promo for season seven, subtitled Cult, features dozens of terrifying clowns, who all appear to have something to do with the cult run by Kai (Evan Peters).

Franchise vet Sarah Paulson is set to lead Cult as Ally Mayfair-Richards, a character who was revealed in the show's trailer to have a strong fear of clowns. This fear increases after the 2016 presidential election, with Ally being strongly against the election of Donald Trump. The show is set to kick off on election night and then reveal how the results manifested and played on people's fears from there. 

Ally is one of the centerpieces in the new promo, which begins with Kai, a strong supporter of Trump, staring at the television, asking "What's the thing that scares you the most?" It then begins a long montage of clowns, showing them in circles doing ritualistic dancing surrounding a central leader, traveling on buses together, and standing in formation in a creepy looking hallway.

The kicker features Ally in bed next to her wife, Ivy (Allison Pill). She is awoken by two terrifying looking figures at the door, and asks Ivy if she heard the sound as well. However, when she turns around, she realizes a clown is in bed next to her, leading her to scream and run out of the home. "This is our time," says a creepy whisper at the end.

Cheyenne Jackson and Billie Lourd fill out the regular cast for Cult. Other cast members for the upcoming season include Billy Eichner, Colton Haynes, Leslie Grossman, Frances Conroy, Mare Winningham, and Adina Porter, with franchise regular Emma Roberts also stopping by for a small role. Girls' Lena Dunham is set to guest star as Valerie Solanas, who was accused of attempting to murder Andy Warhol, one of a few historical cult leaders who Peters will play, in addition to Kai. Kathy Bates, who has been with the series since 2013, will sit this one out due to her commitment to the Netflix comedy Disjointed.

AHS: Cult premieres on Sept. 5. For now, see some of the Easter eggs that tie the show's past seasons together.