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What Vanessa Ray Loves The Most About Eddie And Jamie On Blue Bloods

From the moment Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) showed up as Jamie Reagan's (Will Estes) new partner in Season 4 of "Blue Bloods," there was immediate chemistry. The rookie officer trying to separate herself from an affluent childhood and prove herself a capable cop appealed to the youngest Reagan and fans alike.

While the two officers tried valiantly to keep their relationship professional for years as they worked together, eventually, they gave in and became an item. While fans couldn't have been surprised that the two decided to make a run at being a couple, the moments hung in the air every time viewers thought they were about to cross the line. However, the writers had a different goal in mind, as they dragged that particular trope out for five years before finally having them make the jump from forbidden lovers to an engaged couple in a matter of one episode.

Fans have since been treated to the pair navigating one dynamic at work (Jamie is the boss) and another dynamic at home (an equal partnership). But how do the actors feel about the future of the two characters, and how they handle their relationship? Vanessa Ray gave her insight into their relationship and what makes them work so well.

Ray believes their differences are their strength

During an interview with Nerds of Color, Vanessa Ray was given the opportunity to share her thoughts on all things Jamko. While there are growing pains in every relationship, she seems to think that those growing pains are precisely what makes Eddie and Jamie so strong as a couple.

"I love that they see the world differently and challenge each other to be better, do better, and go farther. It's not always easy with them, but they wouldn't be who they are without the other." She continued, "I also love that they are these two no-nonsense cops that both have this extremely gentle side that they almost exclusively show each other."

Seeing the world from a different point of view is essentially at the core of what "Blue Bloods" is all about. This idea is explored in virtually every episode during the traditional Reagan family dinner. So while Eddie and Jamie's disagreements may not always be easy, it parallels the Reagans on a fundamental level.

"I hope that we are showing our viewers that if the love is strong in a relationship, you can disagree and still be at peace with one another," Ray said when asked about the family dinner scenes. "The Reagans come together NO MATTER WHAT their differences are. I hope our viewers find ways to do the same in their own way."

Despite any arguments or differing opinions, Jamie and Eddie act as any good Reagan would and always come together at the end of the day.