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The Best Criminal Minds Episode From Season 15 According To IMDb

Over the course of its 15 impressive seasons, fans of the CBS procedural "Criminal Minds" saw their favorite characters like Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler), Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness), and David Rossi (Joe Mantegna) develop into dynamic and compelling individuals. The fans' connections to those characters helped make the series immensely popular. So popular, in fact, that even though the show reached its conclusion in 2020, "Criminal Minds" was the most streamed television show in the U.S. in 2021 (via Variety).

Season 15 was the final outing of the original show (fans still have the revival series to look forward to), and it sees increasingly violent un-subs come under the scrutiny of the Behavioral Analysis Unit, as well as plenty of tender moments between the main characters. Whether they are hunting a serial killer who removes his victim's faces or enjoying a lazy Saturday afternoon off duty, the final season of the series provided fans plenty of opportunities to spend time with their favorite BAU team members doing what they do best. So, out of all the episodes of the final season of "Criminal Minds," which one scored the highest marks from users on IMDb? 

IMDb users voted Date Night as the best Season 15 episode of Criminal Minds

The current highest-rated episode of Season 15 of "Criminal Minds" is Episode 6, titled "Date Night." According to IMDb, this particular episode has an 8.6 score with over 781 user reviews, and of those votes, 300 of them give "Date Night" a perfect 10/10.

"Date Night" kicks off with a kidnapping of a father and his daughter, which is fairly standard issue for "Criminal Minds." However, what makes this episode so unique is the heavy focus on Spencer Reid and the dangerous assassin Cat Adams (Aubrey Plaza). This is far from the first time the character of Adams appears in the show, and her obsession with Reid is one of her driving motivations and a reoccurring trend. 

Scheduled to be executed, she manipulates Reid into taking her on a date in order to find out what happened to the kidnapping victims. It turns out that she is the one who orchestrated the kidnapping, and the victims are related to Reid's current love interest, Maxine Brenner (Rachael Leigh Cook). However, in a supreme twist, the entire BAU and Maxine understand the game Adams is playing, and although they leave Reid out of the loop, their cunning machinations are able to thwart Adams' twisted plan. Ultimately, "Date Night" proved to be a resounding success with fans, thanks in part to the rather unconventional dynamic of the episode.