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This Is How Much Money Criminal Minds' Joe Mantegna Is Actually Worth

Even though he didn't actually enter the show until its third season, there's no question that FBI Special Agent David Rossi (Joe Mantegna) is one of the most iconic characters to ever appear on "Criminal Minds." Rossi served as the Unit Senior Agent within the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit, and was defined by his bold, extroverted personality and numerous personality quirks — such as his penchant for dad-jokes, as well as his unusually extensive knowledge of video games.

On top of all that, he was also remarkably committed to his field, having come out of retirement for the sole purpose of tracking down a killer that got away when he first worked for the BAU. Rossi remained an essential part of "Criminal Minds" right up until its final season aired in 2020, and while Mantegna hasn't been incredibly busy since then, we can only imagine that his next big role is just around the corner. 

That said, it's not as though Mantegna needs to start chasing a paycheck anytime soon — especially since his tenure with "Criminal Minds" seems to have done some huge favors for his bank account.

Mantegna's Net Worth is reportedly around $25 million

According to CelebrityNetWorth.com, Joe Mantegna's current Net Worth is $25 million. The website makes sure to clarify that not all of that impressive fortune was accumulated during his time on "Criminal Minds," though they do give a detailed breakdown of his per-episode salary and per-season earnings.

The website alleges that Mantegna earned a salary of $130,000 per episode of "Criminal Minds," which averages out to around $3 million per season. Considering how absolutely mind-boggling that salary is, it's no wonder why Mantegna's net worth would be so high -– though there are a few other factors that may have also contributed to the actor's impressive bank account. Back in 2018, Variety reported that Mantegna used part of his then-$18 million dollar fortune to purchase a $1.3 million home in Hollywood Hills, and alleged that he owned at least six other properties within the San Fernando Valley, seemingly purchased as investments. 

Whether it's due to his real estate investments or his incredible salary on "Criminal Minds," it's clear that Joe Mantegna has certainly done well for himself.