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Who Is Jake Lockley And Why Is Everyone Talking About Him After Moon Knight Episode 3?

Warning: this article contains spoilers for Episode 3 of "Moon Knight."

Since "Moon Knight ” premiered on Disney+ on March 30th, fans have been watching with wide eyes, looking for clues as to who this new character — brilliantly played by Oscar Isaac — really is. The first episode shows viewers the quirky, oblivious gift shop worker Steven Grant, who chains his foot to his bed at night, convinced he has a sleeping disorder. Then, as things happen that he has no knowledge of instigating and he loses large chunks of time, we meet alternate personality mercenary Marc Spector.

While viewers now know that Marc is working as an Avatar for the moon god Khonshu, Khonshu is obviously separate from Marc and Steven, and not another personality. Because of this, many fans are confused about what happens in Episode 3 when two people are killed and both Marc and Steven are adamant that they didn't do it. Is one of them lying, or is there another personality that hasn't revealed itself yet? Marvel fans on Twitter seem pretty certain that they know who this other personality is and are waiting impatiently for their introduction.

Jake Lockley is another of Moon Knight's personalities

Ever since Episode 3 of "Moon Knight" was released on Disney+, the name Jake Lockley has been trending on Twitter, with comic books fans ecstatic over the hint that the gruff but charming third personality will likely make an appearance in the show soon. Twitter user @dreyyagnlds wrote "JAKE LOCKLEY PLS??? MOONKNIGHT??" So who exactly is Lockley?

As most fans of the "Moon Knight" series know by now, Steven Grant has dissociative identity disorder and Marc Spector is one of his other personalities. But according to Marvel Database and the origin story of "Moon Knight," one of their other alters is Lockley. Lockley is a cab driver with street smarts and an unassuming demeanor, and he mingles with the criminals and the seedy underbelly of New York City. He's able to learn and gather information that Marc and Steven cannot.

Since we haven't been introduced to Lockley yet, it's unclear how his personality will match up compared to his Marvel comic counterpart. In the comics, Steven is a suave millionaire, which the Disney+ series obviously veers away from. With the not-so-subtle hints that Lockley kills two men Marc is fighting, it's possible that the "Moon Knight" writers have opted for a much darker and violent version of Lockley. With any luck, he'll be revealed in the next episode of "Moon Knight."