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The Five-Episode Character Law & Order: SVU Fans Love To Hate

Over its 23 seasons, "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" has chronicled countless bone-chilling cases. The NBC police procedural drama follows the SVU detectives as they investigate and prosecute sexually-based crimes throughout New York City. With more than a decades-worth of sleazy suspects and their conniving co-conspirators to choose from, many fans struggle to decide which villain is the most notorious.

Most agree that William Lewis (Pablo Schreiber) is among the worst offenders. The serial rapist and murderer targets Sergeant Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) in Season 14, kidnapping, torturing, and attempting to sexually assault her. Lewis then continues to taunt Benson during his trial and later holds her hostage in a deadly game of Russian roulette. His ongoing torment left her traumatized and nearly jeopardized her career.

Lewis is undoubtedly one of the most memorable "SVU" antagonists, while one of his cronies is equally despised by the fanbase. Though she only appeared in five episodes, this Betty Crocker-type made quite the impression on fans.

SVU fans hate this serial killer sympathizer

Bronwyn Freed (Sarah Storm) is a frustrating character, to say the least. She's introduced in Season 15 as the jury forewoman during the William Lewis trial and quickly falls for his innocent act. She sides with him and begins smuggling in anti-anxiety medication for him via cupcakes. He escapes prison and goes after Benson again, but Freed refuses to admit that he's evil.

As if that wasn't enough, she returns in Season 17 and gets back to her old ways with accused murderer Dr. Carl Rudnick (Jefferson Mays). Similarly, she smuggles escape gear in for Rudnick via lasagna and acts shocked when the killers she begins helping leave her for dead.

On the "SVU" subreddit, dozens of fans gathered to express their hatred of Freed and her mind-boggling oblivion. "She is a constant reminder that there are women who intentionally behave as she does... it horrifies me to my core," wrote u/Queen-Lexopedia, referring to the disturbing trend of women who fall in love with serial killers.

"Hated that lasagna making red head," exclaimed u/littellebaby, who said they were deceived by her apparent sweetness.

Most were stunned by her commitment to causing harm. "This girl literally just continuously orchestrates prison escapes. Like, it's a full on hobby for her at this point," said u/nukularyammie.

Freed was eventually arrested, but fans still don't trust that she's learned her lesson. Given her experience, it's possible that she escapes prison and returns for another episode of "SVU."