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Elden Ring's Volcano Manor Explained

There's no shortage of thrilling hidden areas in "Elden Ring," making every day of play a new adventure. Though it's not a hidden area per se, Volcano Manor is no exception with its fair share of secrets and mysteries to behold.

One of many Legacy Dungeons in the game, areas of high risk and even higher reward, Volcano Manor offers particularly challenging gameplay and a compelling story for players who are up for the task. This special area even has a hidden area of its own that has fans going wild, not to mention a famous "Game of Thrones" actress starring as Volcano Manor's mysterious Lady Tanith.

Getting to Volcano Manor isn't too hard, especially since there are multiple paths. Two of the three choices involve fighting an extra boss, so many players will likely opt for completing Rya's relatively simple quest. What makes the manor so interesting is understanding a little more about its backstory, particularly concerning the manor's head, Tanith, and her otherworldly lover/epic boss Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy.

Volcano Manor Lore

The lore of Volcano Manor only adds to the "Elden Ring" area's intensity. One doesn't get a title like Lord of Blasphemy for nothing, and for Rykard, it all started with a desire to harness the power of magma for magical purposes. He proceeded to go on a tirade against all aligned with the Golden Order, Greater Will, and Erdtree until he ruled Volcano Manor victoriously. He found love with Tanith and the two lorded over the dominion together.

A big part of life at Volcano Manor was worshiping Eiglay, the eternal serpent god who lived there and caught the attention of Rykard in particular. Worship, murder, and destruction went hand-in-hand, until one day, Rykard fused with the God-Devouring Serpent and became the immortal Lord of Blasphemy gamers know him as today. Whether gods or Tarnished, he's a cold-blooded killer in more ways than one. Given his status as a terrifying snake killer, it's no surprise that only Tanith stuck by Rykard's side. As for Rya, she's the daughter of the gruesome power couple – and she has a snake form.

Naturally, Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy is the premier boss of Volcano Manor. Those who make it through his tough battle will witness Tanith eat his corpse – that is, if they let her live. This convoluted backstory adds color to the mysterious world of Volcano Manor, and it's likely even more strange stories and connections will be discovered along the way in "Elden Ring."