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What The Actor Who Played Baby Luke And Leia In Revenge Of The Sith Looks Like Today - Exclusive

It seems like just yesterday that "Star Wars" fans were packing into theaters to see the conclusion of the prequel "Star Wars" trilogy. Although it may feel like only a short time has passed since fans met baby Luke and Leia on screen in "Revenge of the Sith," it was long enough for that very same baby to grow up and reach his senior of high school. Anyone feel old yet?

"Revenge of the Sith" film editor Roger Barton just happened to have a baby during the time of filming, allowing production to ditch their plans of using a doll for the baby shots of Luke and Leia, filming the newborn Aidan Barton instead. The moment when Padmé gives birth isn't baby Barton, but the infant came in when Obi-Wan hands off Luke and Leia to their respective families. So, what is Aidan Barton up to these days?

Looper exclusively spoke to Aidan Barton for his first-ever interview, where the former actor revealed the story behind how he ended up playing Luke and Leia, and what aspects of Hollywood he's interested in. 

What is Barton doing now?

On whether or not Barton knows the story behind how he ended up playing both baby Luke and Leia in "Revenge of the Sith," he said, "I do. I was born up in Marin, and that's where my dad was working on the movie. George Lucas was going to use a doll for the movie." Noting his dad's work as the film's editor, he added,  "Since my dad was up there working right as they were filming, he's like, 'I just had a newborn. Let's bring him in, instead of using a doll.'" 

The scenes certainly wouldn't look the same if the film used CGI or a doll, as Barton explained: "They wanted to do closeups, but they really couldn't [use] a doll, so they brought me in. My mom came in, and they put me up there and used me for however long they chose to."

We asked if Barton has any interest in pursuing acting or if he took it up at school, and he answered, "My mom is pretty big in commercial acting, so she does a lot of that, but mostly, behind the cameras, [is] what I'd be interested [in], maybe even cinematography. The only other time I've been in front of the camera is I was an extra in 'Pirates of the Caribbean.'"

Barton did, however, put his photography skills to use when he was in school. "I started my own photography business in eighth grade," he told us. "I ran that for a couple years and then shut that down once high school got pretty heavy on workload and stuff. Since then, I've been doing a lot of personal photography stuff for my Instagram and stuff that I'm interested in."

Will Barton ever play Luke again?

While Barton is more interested in photography and being behind the camera, he's not opposed to dusting off his "Star Wars" chops to appear in a future film or show. "I'd love to have any cameo or part in any 'Star Wars' movie, to continue what happened when I was super young," he said. "That'd be really cool. Being on 'Obi-Wan [Kenobi]' would be pretty cool because it's based on where I was as a child and picking up after that. That'd be pretty awesome, and, of course, I'd have to be a Sith."

Barton is even willing to play a pre-"New Hope" Luke if the opportunity presents itself on either "Obi-Wan" Kenobi or another project: "That'd be awesome. They're pretty done with the series, but in the future, yeah, totally."

It's understandable why Barton would gravitate toward anything set before the original "Star Wars" trilogy. When we asked about his status as a fans of the universe, he answered, "I love the movies. I have to stick to the prequels as my favorite. Ever since the new ones came out, I've seen a couple, but [they're] not my favorite. 'Revenge of the Sith' is my favorite, but that's biased. [I'm a] pretty strong 'Star Wars' fan, but based on trivia and stuff, I'd probably get lost." Considering the sheer amount of content dropped in theaters and Disney+ over the last few years, we can't see how anyone would hold that against him.

The 17-year-old senior in high school is headed off to Boulder for college next year with an undeclared major but a firm interest in photography. Fans can follow Barton and his photography on his Instagram: @aidanbar1.