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The Real Reason Teeter Wears A Baseball Cap According To Jennifer Landon

In case you hadn't heard, Paramount Network's modern ranching saga "Yellowstone" has become a major ratings hit for the extended cable channel, and its popularity is only growing. Set largely in Montana, the series follows the various exploits of John Dutton (Kevin Costner) and his family as they fight tooth and nail to ensure ownership of their coveted ranching land remains theirs and theirs alone. With four seasons of stark neo-Western drama under its belt (and a new season already on the way), fans are seemingly as invested as ever in the various dramas surrounding the Dutton Ranch.

As it is, fans remain so dedicated largely because Sheridan and his esteemed cast have continued to craft characters worth investing in. And as far as colorful, well-rounded characters go, "Yellowstone" arguably fronts more than just about any show on television. Among them is a fiercely opinionated Dutton Ranch hand known as Teeter. As portrayed by Jennifer Landon, the foul-mouthed cowboy made her way to the Dutton Ranch early in the show's third season, and promptly became a fan-favorite among the characters who call the series' fabled bunkhouse home.

She's also about the only cowboy in the "Yellowstone" landscape who doesn't wear a cowboy hat, opting instead to don a baseball cap whilst wrangling cattle. And according to Landon, there's good reason for that. 

Landon says Teeter's ballcap became a defining trait early in the casting process

Teeter's unique choice of headwear is hardly the only thing that sets her apart from her bunkhouse counterparts, with her pink hair, thick country accent, and devil-may-care attitude doing much of the heavy lifting on that front. Those traits are, of course, elements that Landon and "Yellowstone" co-creator Taylor Sheridan used to inform the character of Teeter. 

According to Landon, Teeter's famous baseball cap is just as much a part of both who Teeter is, and where she came from. Landon admitted as much in a 2020 interview with Vegas Film Critic. And per the actor's claims, she came up with Teeter's famed headwear on her own, stating, "I wore a baseball cap in to audition. And Taylor [Sheridan] was like, 'The baseball cap and everything was perfect.'" Landon went on to discuss what led her to don a baseball cap while auditioning for a cowboy role in the first place, with the actor claiming a character deep-dive informed the wardrobe decision, "It's just what I saw. I looked online a lot, and I know the idea of a cowboy is a cowboy hat and all of that." Landon continued, "But when I was really doing research on probably the life that Teeter lived, and where she came from ... she's wearing a baseball cap."

Landon's read on the character was clearly spot-on. And as it stands, "Yellowstone" fans will likely be seeing a lot more of Teeter's iconic baseball cap for seasons to come.