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The Patsy Theory That Would Change Everything On The Sopranos

When "The Sopranos" series finale first aired in 2007 and left viewers with a gut punch of a cut-to-black ending, it was more than a bit divisive. Creator David Chase's decision to ignore external pressures and mounting fan expectations wasn't for everyone at the time, but there's no denying how significant a piece of work that finale, "Made in America," has become over the years. Just look at the amount of people still debating just what exactly happened to Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini) before things cut to black and the table can order anything more than onion rings. 

There are seemingly endless theories about the fate of Tony and his dwindling crew of New Jersey gangsters, some involving major characters from the series and other theorizing the motivations and secret actions of more supporting players. Chase's ambiguous style and focus on character (above driving a plot forward) leaves plenty of room for fans to find evidence for many of these theories, including one involving Patsy Parisi (Dan Grimaldi) that would change the entirety of the show, if it was true. 

For those who may not remember, Patsy Parisi became an integral part of Soprano's crew, even ingraining himself more with Soprano at the end of the series, as their daughter and son plan on getting married. What complicates matters is that Parisi's twin brother Phil (also Grimaldi) was killed on the order of Soprano in Season 2. Here is the Patsy theory that could change everything. 

Did Patsy Parisi kill Tony Soprano?

There are no shortage of fan theories about who exactly killed Tony Soprano (or if he did truly die), and Patsy Parisi (Dan Grimaldi) is a common name dropped, as seen all over Reddit. He had plenty of reason to kill his boss, as Tony was behind the murder of Patsy's brother, Phil, in Season 2. Patsy's grief leads to Tony even talking to him at one point in an effort to get him to move on from his brother's death. In the Season 3 episode titled "Funhouse," Patsy even shows up to Tony's house, gun in hand, ready to avenge his brother. Eventually, he breaks down, all while nervous FBI agents already monitoring Tony watch on and nearly soil themselves. 

Patsy compromises and ends up simply urinating in Tony's pool, but the relationship between the two changes after that. Patsy becomes an integral member of the New Jersey mob and is even mixing families with Tony at the end of show, as his son prepares to possibly marry Meadow Soprano (Jamie-Lynn Sigler). 

The theory is that Patsy finds his nerve once more after the peeing in the pool incident, and gets close to Tony, personally and professionally. By becoming a bigger part of Tony's inner circle, it would make it easier for him to plan his murder. It would also throw suspicion off Patsy, after the fact. 

This theory makes Patsy the ultimate mobster

If the theory that Patsy Parisi (Dan Grimaldi) is behind Tony Soprano's (James Gandolfini) murder is true, then it completely changes the character. This is something that's nothing new for the show though, as most characters were layered to the point where even viewers had to question what made these folks tick, even multiple seasons into the show. 

Patsy appears on the surface to be just another gangster who decides to go along to get along. This theory, however, presumes Patsy left Tony Soprano's house with his revolver in his hand, still set on revenge, but knowing he needed to be patient. Over the next few years, Patsy would have been working enough puppet strings that he becomes a regular staple in Tony's personal life, as well as one of the few people the mob boss relies on professionally. The Patsy theory is one of the most interesting because he actually came close to killing Tony, even showing up to his house with a gun. Plenty of mobsters had been angry with Tony, but none had ever been that bold. 

Patsy also had a legitimate gripe with Soprano, who took away the deep and personal bond he had with his twin brother. Whether Patsy really had it in him remains to be seen, but he did have motive and he appeared potentially capable of pulling the trigger in Season 3. 

Dan Grimaldi might think the Patsy theory is true

Patsy Parisi (and Philly Parisi) actor Dan Grimaldi has endorsed the theory that Patsy may have killed Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini). In an interview with Barstool Sports' Glenny Balls, Grimaldi said he did not assume Tony died in the finale, but if he did then there's a good chance Patsy may have done it. "[I]f and when he were to be killed, I agree. I think Patsy would be the one to assassinate him," Grimaldi said. 

According to Grimaldi, Patsy simply had a better motivation than Tony's long, long list of enemies. "If you look through the whole series, the best motivation was the killing of a twin brother, so it would be a revenge killing," the actor said. "If anybody in that series were to kill Tony Soprano, it would be Patsy Parisi." 

We'll likely never know whether this theory had any truth to it or not — and David Chase certainly wants to keep it that way, considering how secretive he still tries to remain about the show's ending — but of all the theories out there, Patsy Parisi avenging his brother and killing Tony has some of the most evidence in favor of it.