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The Ending Of Picard Season 2 Episode 6 Explained

Season 2 of "Star Trek: Picard" kicked off its storyline and hasn't stopped giving excitement since. With the crew having gone back in time from the galaxy's unfavorable future, they now find themselves in the past, so long ago that they have almost no familiarity with it at all.

In the year 2024, Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) and his La Sirena crew are facing more trouble than they anticipated, as they realize that while they're trying to repair the future, Q (John de Lancie) is actively trying to foil their every effort. Unfortunately, Q isn't the only problem they're facing either, as unexpected chaos seems to be boiling and bubbling from every angle.

At least by this point, Picard has successfully located the Watcher (Orla Brady), who reveals to him that her life's duty is to watch over none other than John-Luc's ancestor, Renée Picard (Penelope Mitchell), an astronaut set to journey on the space mission to Europa. This mission is where the galaxy's fate could be potentially altered forever, and with Q posing as her therapist and using her fear against her, Renée is on edge. This gives a lot to approach and allows Episode 6 to build up to quite a grand ending.

Picard's connection with his ancestor seems to trigger more than meets the eye

Jean-Luc Picard has experienced his share of unexplainable things, but having a full-on conversation with an ancestor from the year 2024 is unique even for him. The Watcher leads Picard and the La Sirena crew to a gala taking place prior to the Europa mission in which Renée Picard will be in attendance. Before her nerves can get the best of her, Picard is able to give Renée a pep talk and convinces her to stay at the gala and follow through with the mission.

During this discussion, Picard can't stop having visions of his mother. His mother is telling him, "Come find me." These visions continue later in the episode when Picard enters a coma-like state after being hit by a car that is meant to strike Renée and prevent her from being able to go on the mission. The visions of his mother become more frequent and cause more distress. Something about being on a mission involving his ancestor could be triggering these visions or opening Picard's mind to another situation he feels he should repair. In their discussion, he mentions to Renée that she reminds him of his mother after all.

Soong's desperation to cure Corey is leading him down a dangerous path

Adam Soong (Brent Spiner) is at the mercy of Q, who is preying on his desire to heal Corey (Isa Briones). Q has already given Soong a glimpse of what it could be like with Corey healed and her allergy to sunlight being a thing of the past, but now Soong must do something to reap the cure's lasting effects. He must get rid of Renée, or at least stop her from going on her mission.

Soong takes it to the extreme when he attempts to hit Renée with his car, ultimately hitting Picard instead. This event seems to drive Soong over the edge, and once home, he tells Corey that he is a failure and that she will just be another failed project. Soong's desperation is leading him down a dark path and has already had a dangerous outcome for Renée and John-Luc. 

After his episode, Corey sneaks into his lab only to find video proof that she isn't Soong's real daughter, but the latest in a long line of attempted life. It appears that his instability is becoming more difficult for him to manage, and his frustrations could mean that even Corey isn't safe from his mania if he believes his past will repeat itself and she is just another failed attempt at creating life. 

The Borg Queen has no intention of coexisting peacefully with Jurarti

The Borg Queen (Annie Wersching) and Agnes Jurati (Alison Pill) may share the same body, but sharing isn't what either of them has in mind. The frenemy status between the two is getting increasingly difficult to keep a secret. As Jurati attempts to help the rest of the crew in repairing the galaxy, she can't escape the constant verbal distraction and manipulation of the Borg Queen, who uses her own control of their shared body to make Jurati venture far outside her comfort zone.

After a particularly impressive performance in front of the entire gala, Jurati's pleasure from the applause gives the Borg Queen just what she needs to take over the body entirely. When the rest of the crew is surrounding Picard's bedside while he is in a coma, Agnes is nowhere to be found. This is because the Borg Queen has no intention of following the rest of the crew.

The episode ends with Agnes' body waltzing through the streets of Los Angeles while being controlled by the Borg Queen, whose sly smile hints at more devious intentions. The Borg Queen stands to gain from the galaxy being repaired, but she could have an idea of how to fix it in her own way, leaving a wake of destruction behind her. Or maybe she just simply wants chaos to ensue and doesn't particularly care for the future after all. Either way, Agnes' body is up to nothing good, and no one knows about it, meaning there's no one to help.