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The Werewolf By Night Easter Egg You Likely Missed In Moon Knight Episode 2

It's become pretty common for Marvel to insert Easter eggs meant for the comic fans into their shows and movies, as a little wink that only we will pick up on. This began with "Iron Man" which included several Easter eggs, like when a billboard flashes by with a picture of Fin Fang Foom — a nemesis of Iron Man from the comics. And another that appeared in all three "Iron Man" films were pop-ups of Roxxon — the company responsible for the deaths of Tony Stark's parents in the comics.

Since the first episode of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's "WandaVision" premiered in 2021, fans noticed a glorious proliferation of Easter eggs in the series — so much so, that many comic book fans were convinced that the comic book villain Mephisto would be the real baddie on the show. But other Easter eggs, such as the number 57 randomly appearing on things, is clearly a reference to Vision's first appearance in the comics, in "Avengers" Vol.1 #57.

Two episodes into "Moon Knight," and fans have already started picking out the various comic Easter eggs. Eagle-eyed viewers who found the QR code at the museum in the first episode were treated to not only a reading of "Werewolf By Night" Vol. 1 #32, Moon Knight's first comic book appearance, but were probably the first to notice another Easter egg during a fight scene in Episode 2.

A hidden Easter egg appears on the top of a bus

In Episode 2, Steven Grant's (Oscar Isaac) version of Moon Knight is fighting a jackal in front of a bus, right before Steven turns control over to Marc Spector. An aerial view of the bus shows WBN 0032, in a "blink and you'll miss it" nod to the first ever appearance of Moon Knight in 1972's "Werewolf By Night" Vol. 1 #32 (via Marvel). While the comic is more focused on the Werewolf, aka Jack Russell, we also meet the dangerous and brutal Moon Knight aka Marc Spector.

With a stunning list of accomplishments that include mercenary, weapons expert, and practitioner of virtually all the martial arts, it's apparent that Moon Knight is a formidable opponent. In "Werewolf By Night," he's not given a backstory, he's just there to collect the Werewolf and claim his bounty. The comic focuses on Russell, who has just discovered he mauled one of his best friends while transformed — and he may not survive. While he's feeling remorse and horrified at what's done, he arrives home to Moon Knight, who has been offered $10,000 by the Committee to capture Russell and bring him to them alive.

The addition of this Easter egg is clearly not foreshadowing that the Werewolf is coming to the "Moon Knight" series, but instead is just a playful reminder of Moon Knight's long history in the Marvel comics — not to mention a whisper to fans who may want to learn more.