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What Happens When You Scan The Museum's QR Code In Moon Knight Episode 1?

"Moon Knight" is the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe show to premiere on Disney+ and it's looking to be one of the more unique entries thanks to its embrace of the weird and supernatural elements of the Marvel comics that MCU fans haven't really gotten to see explored outside of some aspects of "Doctor Strange." "Moon Knight" is centered around Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac), who has dissociative identity disorder. He becomes the Moon Knight, a servant of the Egyptian lunar god Khonshu (F. Murray Abraham), and finds himself caught up in a battle against Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke), who serves the Egyptian goddess Ammit.

"Moon Knight" has already created all kinds of buzz amongst the MCU fanbase and in the first episode, there is even a little meta-mystery for viewers to solve. During a scene early on in the premiere that sees Steven explaining the mummification process to a child, some eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed a QR code in one of the shots. As it turns out, that code can actually be scanned fans.

The QR code takes viewers to a free digital version of Moon Knight's comics debut

On the r/marvelstudios subreddit, u/Goalless made a post pointing out that the QR code that appears during the first episode of "Moon Knight" actually works, and it takes fans to Moon Knight's first ever comic appearance. The character made his debut in issue 32 of the "Werewolf by Night" series in 1975.  The free digital copy of this comic can be found on Marvel's official website. The issue itself deals with Moon Knight battling a, you guessed it, werewolf. The character was actually an antagonist in this issue — a mercenary working for an organization called the Committee who was hired to capture the werewolf.

His appearance in "Werewolf by Night" eventually led to Moon Knight getting his own solo run, with some of his more villainous traits getting retconned along the way. Interestingly enough, the first episode of "Moon Knight" also sees the eponymous character fighting a supernatural creature in the climactic scene of the episode, though this time in the form of a jackal-like monster. Either way, the QR code is both a fun little Easter egg for fans, as well as a way for those who are perhaps unfamiliar with the character to get a peek into his origins.