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The Intense Reaction Mandy Moore Had To The Script Of This Is Us' Penultimate Episode

Saying goodbye to a TV show is never an easy thing to do. That's true for both fans of the series, who have to find something new to watch after its conclusion, and its cast and crew members, who are forced to move on from a job that they've dedicated their lives to for several years. It's partly for those reasons that the discussions surrounding TV series finales often end up being as emotionally charged as they are. Now, with the beloved NBC original drama "This Is Us" nearing its conclusion, emotions are running high among longtime fans of the series.

"This Is Us" viewers may want to prepare themselves for an even more emotionally wrenching ride than usual in the show's final episodes too. At least, that's according to "This Is Us" star Mandy Moore, who recently opened up about the visceral reaction she had while reading the script for the show's highly anticipated penultimate episode. Suffice it to say, it sounds like fans may want to have more than just a box of tissues near them when they sit down to watch it for the first time.

Mandy Moore was overwhelmed by the script for This is Us' penultimate episode

Mandy Moore recently revealed that she had a physical reaction to reading the script for the penultimate episode of "This Is Us." During a recent appearance at this year's PaleyFest in Los Angeles (via NBC), "This Is Us" creator Dan Fogelman said that the script for the series' second-to-last episode made Moore "throw up." Moore, who was also in attendance, said that the episode's script "was so beautiful and upsetting that [throwing up] was my physical reaction."

Some fans may be surprised by Moore's comments, while others may take them simply as confirmation that the NBC series' final episodes really will be as emotionally grueling as they'd begun to suspect. However, Moore wasn't the only "This Is Us" cast member who found the script for the show's penultimate episode to be a bit emotionally overwhelming. In fact, while talking about the similar effect that the episode's script had on her, "This Is Us" star Chrissy Metz said, "You can't catch your breath, and then you really can't breathe because your nose is stuffed. I told Dan, 'I need some help. I need some Advil.'"

Whether or not the penultimate episode of "This Is Us" hits the show's fans as hard as it did its stars still remains to be seen. On their own though, these comments do suggest that viewers should probably prepare themselves for the possibility that the episode truly will end up being the most emotionally devastating installment of "This Is Us."