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What Happened To The Original Cast Of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers?

The "Power Rangers" franchise has been going strong for nearly 30 years, with numerous exciting stories told through television, video games, comic books, and other media. The series has had an amazing cultural impact, and even after multiple decades, fans still show up in droves to support it. The original show, titled "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers," first premiered in 1993 and ran for three seasons before the series started rebranding every year or so. Though the subsequent shows have been plenty entertaining, it's hard to compete with the original cast — characters who've stuck with us and challenged us to become heroes in our own lives.

While the "Morphin" team eventually dissolved, the original Power Rangers still hold a special place in the hearts of many. Even the 2017 film reboot used the original characters (albeit with a new cast) as a launching point. In fact, "MMPR" is so iconic that the modern BOOM! Comics series has centered strictly around the original "Mighty Morphin" team. The message is clear: Nothing is quite like the original. And after all these years, it's natural to wonder what became of the original "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers." Well, grab your morphers and insert your power coins, because you're about to find out.

Austin St. John (Red Ranger, Jason Lee Scott)

After his time on "Power Rangers," Austin St. John worked as an emergency responder for over a decade, serving his community in ways his Red Ranger character surely would have been proud of (per Central Florida Future). He then spent a few years deployed as a medic in the U.S. military. In addition to his medical work, St. John is an accomplished martial artist, having worked as a karate instructor and even publishing a book on the subject. 

Over the years, St. John has also returned to the "Power Rangers" universe several times, donning both his Red Ranger and "Power Rangers Zeo" Gold Ranger garb as Jason Lee Scott. His most prominent appearances in the franchise after "MMPR" include the "Power Rangers Wild Force" episode "Forever Red," which celebrated the return of many past Red Rangers, and the "Power Rangers Beast Morphers" episode "Grid Connection" in 2020. Aside from "Power Rangers," St. John has also appeared in a few different film roles, including the Christian drama "A Walk with Grace." He's also been involved with the independent media project "The Order," which involves many other "Power Rangers" alumni.

Thuy Trang (Yellow Ranger, Trini Kwan)

Thuy Trang is probably best remembered for her role as Yellow Ranger Trini Kwan on "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers." After starring in the series for 80 episodes, Trang eventually left to pursue other acting opportunities. During that time, she was featured in a cameo role in the Leslie Nielsen spy parody "Spy Hard" and as the villain Kali in "The Crow: City of Angels." She also appeared as herself in two video documentaries, both covering martial arts.

In 2001, at the age of 27, Trang was killed in a tragic car accident. As they'd all been close friends, her former "Power Rangers" co-stars took the loss pretty hard (per EW). Original Pink Ranger Amy Jo Johnson even spoke at her memorial service. The "Power Rangers Time Force" episode "Circuit Unsure" was dedicated to her memory. In the years since, Trang has remained an icon in the eyes of fans for her lasting impact on the "Power Rangers" franchise.

Walter Emanuel Jones (Black Ranger, Zach Taylor)

Walter Emanuel Jones eventually departed "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" over a contract dispute, alongside co-stars Austin St. John and Thuy Trang (per Den of Geek). He later returned for "Power Rangers Lost Galaxy" and "Power Rangers Wild Force," but not as Black Ranger Zach Taylor. Instead, Jones voiced a number of the shows' villains. He's done a significant amount of voice acting in the years since, with credits on animated features like "Open Season 2" and "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2" and video games like "Freedom Fighters" and "Red Dead Redemption." Jones also worked as a main cast member on the TV shows "Malibu Shores" and "Space Cases," and he played a supporting role on "The Shield."

Additionally, Jones had guest appearances in episodes of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "CSI: Crime-Scene Investigation," "Family Matters," and "Sabrina the Teenage Witch," as well as in films like Jones also had roles in movies like "Backyard Dogs," "House of the Dead 2," and "Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping." Like Austin St. John and many other former Rangers, Jones spends a lot of time on the convention circuit, and he occasionally releases content independently on his YouTube channel.

Amy Jo Johnson (Pink Ranger, Kimberly Hart)

Amy Jo Johnson might be best known for playing Pink Ranger Kimberly on the original "Power Rangers," but she's had a pretty expansive career since then. After "Mighty Morphin," Johnson only returned to the franchise for small cameos in "Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie," and the 2017 reboot film. Beyond that, she's played prominent TV characters like Julie Emrick on "Felicity," Jules in the Canadian series "Flashpoint," and Hayley Price in "Covert Affairs."

Johnson's acting career is only part of her work as an artist, however. An accomplished singer-songwriter, she's released several albums, including a few songs that have been featured on some of her own shows like "Flashpoint," "Felicity," and "The Division." In more recent years, Johnson has also worked as a director. Her credits include several short films, 2017's "The Space Between" (which she also wrote and starred in), and the black comedy "Tammy's Always Dying." Johnson has also directed television episodes, including installments of "Superman & Lois."

David Yost (Blue Ranger, Billy Cranston)

David Yost stuck around on "Power Rangers" for longer than much of the original cast, with his character of Billy Cranston often serving a tech support role when not suiting up as the Blue Ranger. The actor has alleged that he experienced extensive homophobia on set, which he claims was the main reason for his eventual departure (per No Pink Spandex). He's made a few film appearances since in movies like "Ladykiller" and "Degenerate," but he hasn't done too much acting outside of the "Power Rangers" franchise. In 2019, Yost appeared in the fan-made parody web series "Life After Power Rangers."

In lieu of acting, Yost has worked primarily in various production and location management roles for different television series. He has credits in those capacities on shows like "The Desperate Housewives of Beverly Hills," "Alien Hunter," and the Fox series "Temptation Island," as well as on comedies like "Burning Love" and "Garfunkel and Oates." Yost co-owns a clothing company called Affirmative, named after his famous "Power Rangers" catchphrase.

Jason David Frank (Green/White Ranger, Tommy Oliver)

The original Green Ranger, Tommy Oliver is one of the most beloved "Power Rangers" characters to date, and Jason David Frank has continued to ride that high ever since. Working as a martial artist, an actor, and a producer, Frank has continued to remain busy since the days of "Mighty Morphin." In fact, he continued on with the franchise until midway through "Power Rangers Turbo," and he returned a few years after his initial departure for "Power Rangers Dino Thunder." Frank played Tommy a few other times, most notably on "Wild Force," "Super Megaforce," and "Super Ninja Steel." He also had a quick cameo in the 2017 "Power Rangers" reboot film alongside former "MMPR" co-star Amy Jo Johnson.

Outside of "Power Rangers," Frank is an accomplished martial artist and a frequent collaborator with YouTube-based production company Bat in the Sun. The latter has allowed him to reprise his role as Tommy Oliver on multiple occasions, including in the web series "Super Powered Beatdown." He also partnered with Bat in the Sun for the reality web series "My Morphin Life." More recently, Frank played the Valiant Comics character Bloodshot in "Ninjak vs. the Valiant Universe."

David J. Fielding (Zordon)

The original face and voice of Zordon, David J. Fielding would eventually be replaced by Robert L. Manahan, but that wouldn't keep him away from "Power Rangers" forever. In recent years, Fielding has embraced his iconic role, returning to the character in the "Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid" video game. In addition, Fielding has also lent his vocal talents to various "Power Rangers" fan projects, including the prequel web series "Zordon of Eltar" and the "Power Rangers In Space" sequel series "Bloodline of the Grid."

Aside from his "Power Rangers" work, Fielding has also done some voice work for a number of video games, such as "Zeus: Master of Olympus," "Empire Earth," and the horror game "Sanitarium." He's been involved in the multimedia project "The Order," which involves several of his former "Power Rangers" co-stars as well. For "Mighty Morphin" fans, Fielding will always be iconic for playing the original Zordon.

Richard Steven Horvitz (Alpha 5)

Actor and comedian Richard Steven Horvitz might be best known to "Power Rangers" fans as the sporadic Alpha 5, but his career spans much further than that. For years, Horvitz has been a big name in the realm of voice acting, playing major roles like Zim from "Invader Zim," Billy from "The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy," Raz from the video game series "Psychonauts," and the alien Grey Matter on the original "Ben 10." He's returned to "Power Rangers" to voice additional villains (and Alpha 7 in the "Forever Red" reunion), but his career has mostly centered around animation and the games industry.

On the big screen, Horvitz has voiced characters in films like "Mulan," "Osmosis Jones," and "The Wind Rises." His TV credits include "Codename: Kids Next Door," "Johnny Bravo," "Static Shock," "Teen Titans Go!," and "The Fairly Odd Parents," among others. Horvitz has also reprised many of his most iconic roles in various video games based on the corresponding movies and shows. Though he'll always be part of the "Mighty Morphin" legacy, Horvitz has built an impressive career beyond the show.

Paul Schrier (Farkas 'Bulk' Bulkmeier)

Best known for his work as Bulk on "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers," Paul Schrier stuck with the series longer than most of the original cast members. Schrier appeared as Bulk in the first seven seasons of the show (spanning five different incarnations of the team) and in two features films, and he eventually began voicing assorted villains on the show as well. He even directed a few episodes during his time with "Power Rangers," and he returned as a main cast member for the "Power Rangers Samurai" seasons. In 2017, Schrier joined the cast of "Power Rangers Hyperforce," an official RPG series following a new group of futuristic Rangers.

Aside from his "Power Rangers" work, which is clearly extensive, Schrier hasn't been up to a whole lot. His other credits include shows like "Mighty Magiswords" and a few different anime series such as "Eagle Riders" and "Teknoman." 

Jason Narvy (Eugenie 'Skull' Skullovitch)

While Bulk may have stuck with the show longer, his legendary sidekick Skull, played by Jason Narvy, stayed with "Power Rangers" for a decent tenure as well. After appearances in the first seven seasons and the first two live-action films, Narvy eventually left Skull behind (though only after a failed "Bulk & Skull" pilot) to pursue other opportunities. While he eventually returned as Skull (albeit briefly) in "Power Rangers Samurai," Narvy gravitated more toward stage performance, teaching acting and theater arts at Concordia University.

Narvy's other film credits since "Power Rangers" include the character Guile Lydon in "Wicked Game," Mike in the short film "Penny," and a starring role opposite fellow "Power Rangers" alum Johnny Yong Bosch in the short film "Ark Exitus," co-written by "Power Rangers" comic book writer Kyle Higgins. Narvy left an indelible mark on the franchise with his performance as Skull, and it's great to see him still doing the work so many years later.