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Chicago Fire Showrunner's Comments About The Season 10 Finale Should Excite Fans

"Chicago Fire" has had an explosive and enthralling Season 10 thus far. Based in the world of the "One Chicago" franchise, "Chicago Fire" follows a group of firefighters and rescue personnel who are often close both at work and outside of their professional environment. Between fighting fires and relationship drama, there are plenty of interesting and interweaving plots that are spun through each procedural-style episode.

Season 10 features plots involving an escape from a capsizing boat, the crew acting as an emergency dispatch when the local 911 center is put out of commission, the arrival of a new interim lieutenant, and the budding romance between Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) and Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer). Unfortunately, Casey abruptly leaves for Oregon to take guardianship of a friend's children, though he still maintains a long distance relationship with Brett.

Within the context of the show, that means that Casey has been absent for the past few episodes, but it seems like there may be some good news on the horizon that should get fans of "Chicago Fire" excited.

Showrunner Derek Haas teases Matthew Casey's return

In a TVLine interview with "Chicago Fire" showrunner Derek Haas, the subject of Matthew Casey's return to the show was brought up, to which Haas replied, "That would be amazing. That would be a coup for our show if we could talk Jesse into coming back. So status on that is all systems looking good. And yes, I talked to him last week so I'm very hopeful that that's going [to] happen."

Haas clarified that he doesn't want to guarantee Casey's return before it's confirmed, "but it is our great expectation that we will see both Casey and [Sylvie] Brett in the [season] finale, because giant, big exciting things are going to be happening. This will be the best finale ever, I'll go ahead and say it."

Previously, Jesse Spencer said he left the show for personal reasons and that it was time to move on, but judging by these comments, it looks like fans won't have to wait much longer to see Casey back in action. And according to the hopeful showrunner, the Season 10 finale will be one to remember.