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Here's How To See All The Deleted Scenes From The Boys Seasons 1 And 2

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Prime Video's "The Boys" is a superhero saga that pits reckless but beloved superpowered heroes against a small team of powerless antiheroes who have the experience and skills to stop any "supe" who dares to step out of line and threaten the lives of civilians. As fans of superhero sagas know, creating a credible universe featuring superheroes requires a lot of worldbuilding. But, naturally, there's only so much time to present such material; per IMDb, each episode of "The Boys" runs somewhere in the ballpark of an hour. With so much lore to present and a compressed amount of time to do it in, it's probably won't shock fans of the Karl Urban and Jack Quaid-led series that there are some deleted scenes from the first two seasons lying around on the cutting room floor.

If you're curious to spend even more time with Urban's Billy Butcher, Quaid's Hughie, and the rest of these, er, colorful characters ahead of the debut of Season 3, we have some good news. Sony Pictures Television, which produces various releases of "The Boys" for Amazon Studios, recently announced that fans will be able to get their hands on a whole assortment of previously-unseen deleted scenes left out of "The Boys" Season 1 and Season 2. So, how (and when) will you get to watch the show's treasure trove of missing moments?

A new Blu-ray-DVD release of The Boys Seasons 1 and 2 will feature deleted scenes

Per a press release from Sony, as reported by Collider, fans will be able to watch deleted scenes from the show's first and second seasons by buying an upcoming Blu-ray and DVD two-pack release. This will mark the show's first Region 1 physical media release. Aside from its streaming availability on Prime Video, "The Boys" Season 1 currently has a region-free Blu-ray available for purchase (via Amazon), and Season 2 currently only has a Region 2 Blu-ray and DVD release at the time of writing, per Amazon. This new two-season Blu-ray-DVD collection will surely appeal to diehard fans looking to streamline their physical media library.

Not only will fans of the show be able to watch every single episode of the show's first two seasons if they purchase these sets, but they will also be able to watch extended versions of scenes that made their way into individual episodes, according to Collider. The set will additionally contain a featurette about Karl Urban's Billy Butcher titled "Butcher: A Short Film" and blooper reels for both seasons. There's no word as of press time which deleted scenes will come with the set.

The two-season set will hit store shelves on May 17 (via ScreenRant), meaning the release will arrive ahead of the debut of the third season of "The Boys" by just under a month. "The Boys" Season 3 will hit Prime Video on June 3.