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The Marvel Villain Team-Up Morbius Director Daniel Espinosa Would Like To See

"Morbius" is arguably the biggest head-scratcher of a comic book movie to be released since 2008's "Iron Man." Whether audiences buy into Jared Leto's Dr. Michael Morbius the way they clearly did Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark remains to be seen, but critics have certainly not taken to Sony's latest Spider-verse expander thus far. What makes "Morbius" significant, though, are its connections to other recent Sony properties — Venom (Tom Hardy) is name-dropped, even in the trailer, and there's an appearance by a certain Marvel Cinematic Universe character, as well.

Currently, it seems that those who have seen the movie are left with more questions than answers about the future of this burgeoning Spider-verse, and its exact connections to the MCU — particularly now that we've so recently seen three different Spider-Men from separate timelines, none of whom has yet to interact with anyone from the Venom-Morbius universe. Love it or hate it, "Morbius" is an attempted game changer for Sony, and the movie's ending implies that there are more crossovers ahead.

The possibilities are endless, and "Morbius" director Daniel Espinosa recently revealed the villain team-up he would like to see happen for Morbius in the future. 

Daniel Espinosa wants to see Morbius team up with the Green Goblin

Warning: Spoilers for "Morbius" ahead!

"Morbius" ends with Adrian Toomes aka the Vulture (Michael Keaton) coming through a dimensional hole into this world of Morbius and Venom, presumably as a consequence of the world-bending, brain-melting chaos at the end of "Spider-Man: No Way Home." 

Vulture's arrival into this new universe is a big deal, and it seems that the avian-themed supervillain has immediately proceeded to rebuild his gear and get in touch with Morbius, whereupon he proposes that the two team up. There's not much more of an explanation for Toomes' goals, leaving viewers with endless questions — but also, curiosity about what other Spider-villain crossovers may now be possible. 

As for "Morbius" director Daniel Espinosa, he'd like to see the vampire antihero meet Spider-Man's most personal enemy. As he told Variety, "I think Norman Osborn would be very interesting. That's a whole different idea, that's like if you go away from the idea of Sinister Six and you're going into something different [...] For me, what Kevin Feige made so brilliant was the way they took many of the mythologies and chose different parts of them and the realization that it doesn't have to start just like the comics started."

Who else could be joining this (presumed) Sinister Six?

"Morbius" director Daniel Espinosa has been open and honest about the numerous universe-building moments in his movie, but the truth is he seems to know about as much as anyone else. "They're [Sony] making 'Kraven,' so I think they are looking into the future. But I don't know much about exactly where they're heading. They would kill me if I said something, but I don't know much. I just know that they have a plan," the director said (via Variety). 

With Vulture (Michael Keaton) and Morbius (Jared Leto) teaming up at the end of "Morbius," it seems likely that — if "Morbius" succeeds at the box office, anyway – more will be joining the flock. Currently, there's no evidence of a Norman Osborn (or any Goblins) existing in this world, but we do know that Morbius is in the same timeline as Venom — and that the symbiote already seems to know who Spider-Man is, as evidenced at the end of "Venom: Let There Be Carnage." There is also a "Kraven the Hunter" movie starring Aaron Taylor Johnson in the works. 

For now, though, any other characters who may join this ragtag group of villains (or antiheroes?) remains to be seen.