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Maria Bakalova, Samson Kayo, And Harry Trevaldwyn Explain Why The Bubble's Best Deleted Scene Is An Animal Lover's Dream - Exclusive

Judd Apatow's newest movie streaming on Netflix, "The Bubble," follows a group of actors as they attempt to film the blockbuster franchise installment "Cliff Beasts 6" at a hotel in London during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. Like most of Apatow's directorial work, it's longer than the average comedy, running over two hours. But even this runtime couldn't contain all the scenes that were shot for the film, and according to several of the film's actors, the most fun scene to film was among those that didn't end up in the movie.

In an exclusive interview with Looper, actors Maria Bakalova, Samson Kayo, and Harry Trevaldwyn spoke about playing hotel workers and COVID safety supervisors in "The Bubble" — and revealed details about one particular favorite scene that ended up on the cutting room floor. As they shared, filming this scene was as chaotic as anything in the movie, but it was an entertaining kind of chaos, especially for any animal lovers.

Everyone in 'The Bubble' got their own pet

The scene in question is one where all the characters have baby animals. Actress Maria Bakalova said filming with them was "probably the happiest day on set." In addition to having cuddly co-stars, the actors also got to enjoy a vegan ice cream truck. However, while Bakalova says most of the animals were "well-trained," the cat she was given and Trevaldwyn's duckling decided to not get along. Trevaldwyn said his duckling "despised me" and opined that Bakalova's cat "was going to kill my duckling." Bakalova elaborated, "My cat couldn't stop [going], 'Meow!' and [Harry's] duck was always like, 'Quack!'"

Samson Kayo's animal partner wasn't quite as memorable; he 'believes' he had a goat. One animal he did remember clearly is David Duchovny's hawk. "That was funny. And the hawk did a poo," Kayo recalled. That wasn't the only mess that day, however; Trevaldwyn remembers his co-stars getting covered in fur. Fortunately nobody on set was allergic to any of the animals, though Trevaldwyn noted, "It would've been a fun way to find out."

It's not clear precisely where this baby animal sequence would have fit into the plot of "The Bubble." There aren't really any animals involved in the story except for the CGI creations of the cliff beasts in the movie-within-the-movie. It might have been "the happiest day on set" for Bakalova, but it seems the scene was extraneous enough that it was able to be cut from the film without impacting the story. That said, if Netflix is willing to release deleted scenes from the film, this is one that sounds like something many people would want to see.

"The Bubble" is now streaming on Netflix.