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The Spider-Man 3 Easter Egg You Likely Missed In Sony's Morbius

Sony Picture's "Morbius" has gotten some negative reactions from critics, but fans of the Marvel character have been waiting through many delays for the movie to come out, and they're ready to analyze every single juicy drop of new information the film has to offer them. Luckily, judging by what we know about the movie so far, they're going to have a lot of fun keeping their eyes peeled for little bonus details that pop up in the film's background.

With the movie finally hitting the big screens on April 1, 2022, fans of the "Living Vampire" will have plenty of time to dig deep into the mythos his new movie offers them and pan up some gold, even figuring out hidden connections that tie the movie to other parts of Sony's Marvel universe. In fact, we've discovered one Easter egg that links "Morbius" to the final film in Sam Raimi's "Spider-Man" trilogy, "Spider-Man 3."

Milo's transformation resembles what Peter Parker goes through in Spider-Man 3

When Morbius' surrogate brother Milo (Matt Smith) begins to give in to his villainous impulses, fans might notice that he begins to do a smooth and yet rather outlandish dance. Milo's terpsichorean efforts will likely remind Marvel devotees of one particular and very infamous scene from "Spider-Man 3": the moment when Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) begins to feel the effects of bonding with his symbiote suit and performs some smooth moves outside of The Daily Bugle's offices, shortly after treating some of his colleagues very poorly and flirting with Betty Brant (Elizabeth Banks). 

This display of slightly-goofy evil has become something of a meme among Spider-Man fans and cinema lovers worldwide. It's inspired essays from Cracked and think pieces on Gizmodo. A kid even recently went viral for recreating the moment, per Uproxx. With the meme being so well known, it looks like director Daniel Espinosa couldn't resist surprising Marvel fans with a reference to a very familiar piece of Spider-Man lore.