The Morbius Post-Credits Scenes Explained

Contains spoilers for "Morbius"

They thought it couldn't be done. They thought we'd see flying cars before seeing Jared Leto zipping around the screen in a plume of purple smoke. Finally, though, the former Clown Prince of Crime's latest attempt at handling a comic book character has arrived on screen following its many release changes, and with it, two post-credit scenes that, well...they exist. That's something, right?

Following the events of "Morbius" that see Leto going batty against Matt Smith's bad guy, another piece to the Spider-Verse (that still lacks a Spider-Man) gets stuck together thanks to some recent dimension-shattering events. But what does it all mean in the grand scheme of things, and how will it impact the future of Jared Leto's toothy antihero going forward? Well, leave it to us to pick apart not one but two post-credits scenes that, if anything, make Sony's Spider-Man universe even more convoluted.

An old Spider-Man foe arrives in Morbius' world

Early in the credits, after Morbius has flown off into the night, having saved the day, we see a wide shot of this New York skyline being split apart by the dimensional damage we got a glimpse of in "Spider-Man: No Way Home." We cut then to an empty prison cell illuminated by a white light that matches the same kind we saw when Peter 2 (Tobey Maguire), Peter 3 (Andrew Garfield), and the other Spidey villains disappeared into the Statue of Liberty. However, the difference here is that this reveals Adrian Toomes, aka The Vulture (Michael Keaton) from Spider-Man: Homecoming, who seems completely chill about the whole thing, only commenting on his hope for the food to be better than in the other place.

The incident manages to make the news, as Toomes has revealed who he is and what happened to him. However, given that there's no record of him being an inmate, he is released with no charges, seemingly because all previous crimes he committed were in his own dimension, which we're guessing would hold up in court as being one of the rarest loopholes ever. Toomes is then seen leaving the prison in what looks to be footage cut from scenes in one of the early "Morbius" trailers that has since been removed from the film. It's here, though, where things get a little fiddly.

Vulture, meet Morbius

After a few more minutes of credits, we're shown Morbius driving down a highway to an undisclosed location in the early hours of the morning. After finally getting there, the good doctor waits a few moments before being greeted by Toomes, fully kitted out in his Vulture suit. 

"Michael Morbius, thanks for meeting me. I've read a lot about you," Toomes says, still confused about how this has all come about (you and us both, buddy). "Not sure how I got here," he explains, before suggesting that it "has something to do with Spider-Man, I think." Vulture then proposes to Morbius that "a bunch of us guys should team up and do some good." 

Naturally, as anyone would when given a proposition by a man in a giant bird-like flight suit, Morbius responds with, "intriguing," leaving the world to let out a universal, "huh?"

The "bunch of guys" Toomes refers to is The Sinister Six, the iconic team of supervillains that have had regular run-ins with Spider-Man in the comics. Of course, the crafty Vulture isn't pitching it that way to Morbius. The dodgy deal being offered isn't the tease's most prominent issue; it's the person making the offer that doesn't make sense.

The Morbius post-credits scene complicates things in the multiverse

In "Spider-Man: No Way Home," while several characters from different universes fall into the one that Tom Holland's Peter Parker inhabits, they do eventually return to their own by the end of the film. Why, then, after being released from a prison he isn't listed as being detained in, does Adrian stay in this universe and get hold of a Vulture suit, as well? Is there another Vulture he's managed to steal it off, or does the second scene take place so long after the first that Toomes has managed to find the time to build a brand new flight suit from scratch?

Also, in further Spider-Man-related revelations, why does Morbius not question who on Earth Vulture is talking about? As far as we're aware (given the multiple references in the film), the only other superhuman character that lives in this world is Venom, and there hasn't been any mention of another Spider-Man. It's not "intriguing," as Morbius puts it. It's downright baffling. There's no confirmation on how or when any of these questions are going to be answered, but feel free to break out the red string and whiteboard after you catch "Morbius" in cinemas.