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The Most Disturbing Criminal In CSI: Miami Season 6

"CSI: Miami" ran for ten seasons on CBS between 2002 and 2012, and like its predecessor series "CSI," it threw all manner of criminals at Lieutenant Horatio Caine (David Caruso) and his team of investigators at the Miami-Dade Police Department. About the only type of criminal the "CSI: Miami" folks don't go after is the ordinary kind.

Season 6 aired between September 2007 and May 2008, and its criminals are just as unique and different as they are in every other season. The Season 6 malefactors include everyone from a stalker obsessed with a teenage swimmer, to a dodgy FBI agent, to a vigilante who targets child predators. Season 6 also puts multiple members of the CSI team in compromising positions, as both Caine's and Alexx Woods' (Khandi Alexander) sons are implicated in different crimes. 

However, there's one Season 6 criminal who's particularly heinous. If you're making a playlist of "CSI:Miami" episodes that will really stick with you, don't miss this one.

Nicholas Pike is a serial killer with a unique motive

In a season filled with crimes of passion and desperation, Nicholas Pike (David Lee) stands out. In episode 6, "Sunblock," Caine and the team first meet Pike while investigating two identical stranglings. Pike has no apparent connection to the first victim, a drug dealer who was killed during a solar eclipse. He does have a connection to the second. Her name is Diana Long (Fiona Loewi), a woman who spent most of her time in online chatrooms. Pike has an alibi for the night of her murder, so Caine and the team focus their investigation elsewhere.

Eventually, forensic investigation reveals that the killer suffers from photo toxicity, or an allergy to the sun. Then, when the still-unknown suspect tries to kill the witness to the first murder, the CSI unit is able to pinpoint his location by triangulating the crime scenes and finding a penthouse that overlooks all three. The penthouse belongs to Nicholas Pike. When Caine confronts him, Pike's face is covered in a rash from an allergic reaction to the sun. Pike admits that he was jealous of people who can enjoy sunlight. As someone forced to spend the daytime indoors, Pike became angry at people he felt were "wasting their lives." 

As twisted as that might be, Pike shows himself to be a devious criminal throughout the episode, too. He shows no signs of stopping his killing, and he even tries to frame an innocent pool boy. True, Pike might not be that disturbing of a baddie if you're used to shows like "Dexter" or "Hannibal," but for "CSI: Miami," he's about as bad as it gets.