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Morbius Is The Dumbest Addition To The Spider-Verse

Sony has been pumping out "Spider-Man" adjacent properties for the past couple of years for reasons that definitely don't have anything to do with desperately trying to hang onto their shared character rights with Marvel. And now, we've got the latest entry into this questionable canon: "Morbius." The tale of Dr. Michael Morbius (as played by Jared Leto, who's no stranger to comic book movies at this point), a doctor with a rare blood disease who can only cure himself by turning into whatever a living vampire is specifically, is one that basically nobody was clamoring for — but too bad! Don't worry about it! Sony is going to make Morbius into a thing!

Whether you're a longtime Morbiushead (and you're probably not) or you think this character sounds really stupid (you're right, he is), we've got a video for you. Over on Looper's new show SnapChat and YouTube show, Okay, So Basically, two entertainment writers break down the absolute insanity that is Morbius, from his very weird backstory to his (debatable) relevance to Sony's growing Spider-Verse.

Beyond "Morbius," there's plenty more(bius) videos over on Okay, So Basically, which roasts everything from Batman to Moon Knight to Twilight. You can check out the show over YouTube and Snapchat. And as for "Morbius," it's in theaters now, if you really want to go through that.