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The Most Awkward Onscreen Love Scene In The Sopranos

During its six-season run on HBO, "The Sopranos" was as well known for its instances of unblinking mob violence as it was for its deeply personal probe into characters caught up in the world of New Jersey crime. Even protagonist Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini) was not spared by writers, shown as a hypocrite from one scene to the next, contradicting himself at times, misremembering things, and more. The most fascinating parts of the David Chase-created show were when it followed a character away from others, free to express themselves in ways they never would while putting on their facades for the rough world. 

Some of these moments of personal revelations came out in how these characters managed their addictions and secrets, and maintained relationships. One of the most surprising details about a character in "Sopranos" history was shown in all its glory in a Season 3 sex scene. The scene was more than a little shocking, and it is by far the most awkward onscreen love scene the series ever contained. 

Ralph Cifaretto was into surprising things

There are plenty of examples of major stars coming to "The Sopranos" for a visit to the mob world. Some stay for only an episode, while others stick around for arcs that run across multiple seasons. Ralph Cifaretto (Joe Pantoliano) was one of the most memorable supporting characters on the show, with the mobster predictably butting heads with Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini), as well as generally rubbing everyone around him the wrong way with abusive comments and endless references to "Gladiator."

In Season 3 Episode 3, Cifaretto is shown with Tony Soprano's sister, Janice (Aida Turturro), in bed, and things do not go the way viewers expected. "How much money did you make today, slut?" Janice asks Cifaretto, as she uses a sex toy on him from behind. She continues to insult Cifaretto, talking to him like she's a pimp giving a pep talk to her top sex worker — and Cifaretto plays along with all of it. Even more awkward is the fact that at the time of their love-making session, Cifaretto was in a relationship with Rosalie Aprile (Sharon Angela), though cheating on women was somehow the least of Cifaretto's growing list of problems with his partners. 

The content of the scene itself was a mix of awkward and hilarious, but what made it more shocking was how Cifaretto lies about Janice later, saying she offered to use a dildo on him, which he claims to have balked at and refused.