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Are Millie Bobby Brown And Noah Schnapp From Stranger Things Friends In Real Life?

Since 2016, Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp have been taking on Demogorgons and tackling the Upside Down together on Netflix's "Stranger Things," along with their fellow castmates. If you've seen them at public events or on a red carpet together, the two seem inseparable. But what kind of relationship do the budding Hollywood heavyweights actually have outside of acting together, if any?

On "Stranger Things," Brown plays the series protagonist Eleven, while Schnapp portrays Will Byers. As fans know, Byers went missing and became the walking MacGuffin of Season 1, with most of the events that season being centered around his disappearance and rescue. In Season 2, Byers is deeply affected by his ordeal with the Upside Down, thus leading Eleven and her "Stranger Things" cohorts to try and deal with the threat by finding and closing a portal to the alternate dimension, which has emerged in their town of Hawkins. Season 3 sees them rehash their beef with the show's otherworldly creatures after bizarre things begin to happen again. Spending so much time together filming each season of "Stranger Things" or any show for that matter can either make or break a lot of people's relationships and friendships. So what about Brown and Schnapp? Are two of the show's biggest young stars actually friends in real life?

Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp are reportedly super close

According to The List and other media outlets, Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp have grown super close over the years, with each declaring the other a "best friend." If that wasn't enough, Brown once reportedly referred to Schnapp as "the greatest friend a girl could ask for" (via Seventeen). And the two have also been inseparable on set, with them regularly playing pranks on one another. 

"On our last day of filming Season 4, Millie, she got the whole crew together and she bought like, 2000 water balloons," Schnapp told People Magazine in October 2021. "Her and 30 other crew members came out behind the trailers with each, like, 100 water balloons, just chucking them at me!" According to Schnapp, this went down with hours left of filming to do. "The whole night, I was soaked. Dripping," he said. "The costumes [team staffers] were mad. They had to blow dry my whole costume."

After Season 4 of "Stranger Things" airs, Netflix reportedly plans to release one more season before ending the show for good. Schnapp explained during a recent appearance on "The Tonight Show" that he and Brown weren't handling the news so well. "I texted Millie...and she was like, 'You're crying, too? So am I,'" Schnapp said, describing his reaction to the February 2022 announcement by "Stranger Things" co-creators Matt and Ross Duffer that Season 5 would be the last. "I read it, and I was just bawling. I was so upset," Schnapp added. Season 4 of "Stranger Things" is due out on May 27.