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Every Bridgerton Character Ranked By Likability

Netflix has once again thrust its eager audience back into the world of "Bridgerton," gentle readers. Based on the series of novels by author Julia Quinn, the period romance from Shondaland delves into the lives of a well-to-do family in early 1800s London. Filled with steamy scenes and scandalous drama, "Bridgerton" has been a diamond among the many original shows from Netflix, charming both critics and general audiences alike.

While the first season of the series followed the whirlwind romance between Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dynevor) and Duke of Hastings, Simon Basset (Regé-Jean Page), the second season turned its focus on the eldest Lord Bridgerton, Anthony (Jonathan Bailey). This shift opened the door for additions to the show's cast, greatly expanding the world of "Bridgerton" while giving fans new faces and compelling new story arcs to consider. Who finds redemption, and who deserves to be shunned by the Ton? Here is a list of the most prominent characters on "Bridgerton," ranked from least to most likable.

17. Lord Featherington

Though the core of Netflix's "Bridgerton" is centered on, of course, the Bridgerton family, much of the drama of the series also hones in on the goings-on of the Featherington family. Aside from their unique sense of fashion, the Featheringtons are often the source of scandal and intrigue in the first and second seasons. Seemingly apathetic to the gossip surrounding his homestead is Baron Archibald Featherington (Ben Miller), who appears to have more interest in the daily newspaper than his wife and daughters.

In Season 1 of "Bridgerton," it is revealed that Lord Featherington has a severe gambling addiction, causing nothing but strife for himself and his family. His vice is the reason that Marina Thompson comes to live with the Featheringtons (causing its own brand of drama) and why his daughters have no dowry to their names. It also leads to his ultimate downfall when his debtors murder him at the end of Season 1.

Though his crime initially appears to be indifference, Lord Featherington's greed proves to be his worst sin. Lord Featherington's actions were not only selfish but detrimental to his family's welfare. Though Lady Featherington is hardly a beacon of virtue, it can at least be said that she has her family's best interest in mind — whereas Lord Featherington only had himself.

16. Jack Featherington

Following the death of Archibald in Season 1, "Bridgerton" Season 2 finds the Featheringtons at the mercy of their new Lord, Jack Featherington (Rupert Young), whose arrival will either make or break the household.

Cousin Jack, as he is called by Philippa and Penelope, is not quite what the family had imagined –- though he seems to carry on the family trait of scheming and deception. Having been in the Americas for the last several years, Jack led everyone to believe that he was thriving in the mining business. However, he eventually reveals to Lady Portia that the business has gone bankrupt, and he has since begun to dabble in counterfeit gems.

Much to the surprise of many, Portia and Jack come to make quite a team in the second season. However, Jack's cunning proves too much for even Portia to swallow. When the woman willing to lie, cheat, and manipulate her way to the top finds one's morality questionable, one knows they've gone too far. Luckily, Portia manages to send Jack packing while keeping her family's reputation intact.

15. Prudence Featherington

Even as the eldest Featherington daughter, Prudence (Bessie Carter) has few prospects. Two years after her debut season, she still has received no proposals nor any signs of interest from any eligible bachelors. Perhaps this could be attributed to the garish clothing Lady Featherington forces her daughters to wear, but most likely it is Prudence's mean streak and haughty disposition that turns off possible suitors. As if her sour personality weren't enough, she is continuously cruel to her younger sisters and willingly manipulated by her scheming mother.

In Season 2, Prudence joins her mother, Portia, in a plan to ensnare the new Lord Featherington, Jack, into marrying her. Never seeming to mind the fact that they are related, Prudence is more than happy to go along with the scheme, especially if it means being the center of attention. There's also the way she treats fan-favorite Penelope, the youngest Featherington daughter –- namely accusing the latter of being jealous when Penelope simply wants to warn her sister against the inadvisable match.

Apart from playing up a bit of comedy relief, there is little good to be found in Prudence. Perhaps in later episodes of "Bridgerton," the writers may find some way to make this character more sympathetic -– in the meantime, fans will go on finding her detestable.

14. Philippa Featherington

It's never easy being the middle child. However, Philippa Featherington (Harriet Cains) may be considered luckier than most. In Season 1 of "Bridgerton," all three Featherington sisters were presented before the Ton in the hopes of nabbing a husband -– or at least that was the hope of their mother, Lady Portia. Yet their plans are hindered by the arrival of Miss Marina Thompson (Ruby Barker), the lovely young ward who comes to live with the family.

While Marina receives several interested gentlemen callers, Philippa and her sisters are forgotten by the wayside. Fortunately for Philippa, one eager suitor comes calling -– Albion Finch, a young man who shows promise and a keen interest in the young lady. After a few snags delay their bliss, Philippa and Albion finally manage to tie the knot in Season 2.

Philippa is not the brightest of the bunch, as, like her elder sister, her main focus is finding a husband rather than sharpening her wits. Yet fans can't help but root for her and Albion just a little –- they are an adorable couple, after all.

13. Marina Thompson

A distant cousin of the Featheringtons, Marina Thompson finds herself at the mercy of Lady Portia's machinations when she is summoned to London from the country. At first, Portia's concerns are simply that Marina will be competition for her daughters –- but their troubles escalate when they discover that Marina is pregnant and the father is unreachable.

With the man she loved going off to war, leaving her unmarried with an unborn child, Marina is forced to make the best of an awful predicament -– even if her choices hurt those around her. In desperation, Marina cons Colin Bridgerton into a swift engagement without revealing to him her dire circumstance. Even after she realizes that her friend, Penelope, was in love with Colin, Marina is determined to stay the course and carry out her plans. Eventually, Marina's woes are made public thanks to Lady Whistledown, and all of her well-laid schemings end up being for naught. 

Fans on Reddit certainly seem to be split down the middle regarding Marina's character. While some felt sympathetic to her situation, others were outraged by her dishonorable actions –- especially when it came to her treatment of Penelope Featherington. Though Season 2 shows her in a fairly content marriage to Sir Phillip Crane (Chris Fulton), fans will have to wait and see what fate has in store for Marina in the future.  

12. Edwina Sharma

After being named the season's diamond by Queen Charlotte, Edwina Sharma (Charithra Chandran) has a lot of expectations to live up to –- and not only the Ton's. Edwina's truest hope is to marry for love, but her family counts on her to marry well. Little does she know that the future of the Sharma family rests precariously on her shoulders, thanks to the deal her sister, Kate, made with their grandparents, the Sheffields. When Anthony Bridgerton shows interest in courting Edwina, it is a dream come true -– that is, until Kate's feelings for the viscount become a hurdle in their engagement.

The younger Sharma sister has been the subject of varying debate amongst "Bridgerton" fans. While some viewed her as the innocent victim of her elder sister's lies and betrayal, others found her insufferable. Reddit user u/Obvious_Rain_666 called the character "annoying," and u/Genderdiversity_se bemoaned, "I could not stand Edwina and all her speeches."

However, not everyone felt that Edwina's character was worthy of such condemnation. "I loved Edwina this season! I'm so confused by all the hate," wrote u/cox_the_fox. Redditor u/InspectionFeeling694 chimed in, "In her [defense] Edwina never asked Kate to sacrifice herself. And if you treat someone like a naive child they will act like [a] naive child."

11. Baroness Featherington

If every TV series needs an antagonist that viewers love to hate, then Baroness Featherington (Polly Walker) fills the need for that role perfectly. As the ambitious matriarch, Portia's only goal is to uphold the high reputation of her family –- even if it means sacrificing their happiness in the process. She is willing to lie, scheme, and connive her way through anything to climb the social ladder, no matter who she steps on along the way.

Evidence of Portia's ruthlessness is clear from the beginning. In Season 1, she has no qualms over allowing her daughters to suffocate in their too-tight corsets at the queen's ball. She then attempts to pawn a pregnant Marina onto a vile old man to rid her house of scandal. As if that weren't bad enough, she co-conspires to dupe Colin Bridgerton into marrying Marina without him knowing about her condition.

That isn't to say that Portia doesn't have her share of fans. Season 2 of "Bridgerton" especially allowed her to shine in the eyes of some viewers. "She's not a nice person and not a particularly warm mother, but she's a fierce woman who fights like a tiger for her family," said u/CornSnowFlakes in a discussion on Reddit.

"She is my FAVORITE type of villain," wrote u/themangofox in the same discussion. "A completely reprehensible demon of a woman that is constantly scheming but fiercely loyal and protective of her daughters and the family's livelihood. I love a villainess that has facets."

10. Queen Charlotte

From her fabulous fashion sense to her wry, knowing smirk, Queen Charlotte (Golda Rosheuvel) demands attention whenever she appears in the room and on screen. She is the one who decides what's hot and what's not, who's in and who's out, and no one gets to do anything without her say-so.

She is a true force to be reckoned with, and no one wants to find themselves on the queen's bad side — particularly her biggest critic, Lady Whistledown. Early in the first season, Queen Charlotte makes it her mission to silence the words of the anonymous author, but to no avail. Lady Whistledown's daring makes her the queen's biggest nemesis, and she won't stop until the writer is unmasked.

A somewhat neutral character, Queen Charlotte uses her influence in differing ways. Sometimes she can play either an ally or a foe, depending on her mood. That's not to say that she doesn't have any heart. In rare poignant moments, the show reveals the queen's sentimental side, particularly when it comes to her husband, King George (James Fleet). It's during these scenes that we see a glimpse of the love Charlotte truly feels for her partner and her sorrow at his affliction. Beneath the heavy wigs and the metaphorical walls, Queen Charlotte is only human, after all.

9. Penelope Featherington

As the youngest Featherington sister, Penelope (Nicola Coughlan) is always on the outside looking in. She's shy, a little awkward, and doesn't fit society's standards of beauty. Nevertheless, she finds power through quill under the nom de plume of London's biggest gossip girl, Lady Whistledown. Through this anonymous medium, Penelope can finally be seen -– through perhaps being the target of an angry Queen of England is not quite what she had in mind.

Penelope's character has a lot of complexity, resulting in mixed feelings from fans of the "Bridgerton" series. In some ways, Penelope is instantly relatable. As an outcast, a wallflower, and someone who is constantly overlooked, she is forced to sit on the sidelines while other girls get all the attention. Even her own mother barely seems to acknowledge her. It's also tough not to sympathize with her unrequited feelings for Colin Bridgerton, who appears to have relegated Penelope to the friend zone.

However, some of Penelope's actions have proven that she is not without her faults. Though her intentions may have been good, she dragged the names of both Marina Thompson and her best friend, Eloise Bridgerton, through the mud as Lady Whistledown. The confrontation between Eloise and Pen at the end of Season 2 didn't paint her in a particularly positive light, either. Regardless, Penelope is clearly a favorite of the show's writers, and audiences can expect that the character will have plenty of development to revisit in upcoming seasons.

8. Colin Bridgerton

While the elder two Bridgerton sons spend their time seducing ladies or pursuing more leisurely activities, Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton) is the true gentleman of the family. Kind-hearted and irresistibly charming, Colin has proven time and again to be a pure and honorable soul, even if he does come across as perhaps a bit naive.

In Season 1, fans watched as Colin becomes infatuated with Marina Thompson -– a poor move on his part, especially when Marina chooses to take advantage of his generous nature. After discovering the truth about Marina's pregnancy, Colin breaks off their engagement, pointing out that he would have married her if she had just been honest with him. 

Meanwhile, poor Penelope Featherington has pined for Colin for years, but he just doesn't seem to take the hint. In Season 2, Colin seems to swear off women altogether, prompting Penelope to point out to her friend that she is, indeed, also a woman. Fans could almost hear the moment of Penelope's heartbreak at Colin's reply: "You are Pen. You do not count. You are my friend." Ouch.

However, Polin fans shouldn't lose hope just yet. With Season 3 in the works, there is plenty of speculation that the next storyline could be Penelope and Colin's romance (via People), to be based on the fourth "Bridgerton" book, "Romancing Mister Bridgerton."

7. Lady Violet Bridgerton

The matriarch of the Bridgerton family, Lady Violet (Ruth Gemmell), may be a picture of honor and duty, but she is first and foremost a mother. Equal parts strong and nurturing, Violet's greatest wish is for her children to be happy above all else. She was able to secure a love match when she married Lord Edmund Bridgerton (Rupert Evans), and it is only fitting that she should want the same for her sons and daughters.

Violet lost her husband just before giving birth to her youngest daughter, Hyacinth (Florence Hunt). While she mourns his passing, she goes on to take charge of the household and secure the needs of her family the best she could. By teaming up with Lady Danbury, she manages to help both Anthony and Daphne find their true loves -– even if there are a few pit stops along the way. Though her family is occasionally the subject of scandal among the Ton, Violet still manages to keep her head held high and continues to encourage her children to follow their hearts. 

In a time when motherhood was the greatest honor a woman can hold, Violet carries out her duties with grace and dignity without sacrificing her principles.  

6. Eloise Bridgerton

During the Regency era, women's jobs were simple: marry well, have babies, and raise those babies to also marry well (wash, rinse, repeat). There were little to no options left to them, and most were content with their lot in life. Enter Eloise Bridgerton (Claudia Jessie), a stubbornly square peg in a round hole.

Fiercely independent and proudly nonconformist, Eloise isn't afraid to speak her mind, even when no one cares to listen. She is constantly at odds with society's expectations and questioning why women are forced into impossible standards. With few who share her ideals, Eloise has at least one good friend who understands her — or at least tries to. For much of the first two seasons of "Bridgerton," Eloise confides in Penelope Featherington. Little does she realize that her dearest chum is also the elusive Lady Whistledown, the very author whom Eloise is attempting to unmask.

While some fans have cheered for Eloise and her liberal ideas, others felt that the character could use a bit of a wake-up call. In one Reddit discussion, user u/The_final_frontier_ pointed out the character was misguided in her judgment of her sister, Daphne. "She's meant to be a feminist character however, she often fails at the first ask of it which is to not judge the choices of other women and consider them invalid," they said. While Eloise may be excused for some of her naivety due to her young age, she still has some growing up to do. 

5. Daphne Basset

She's beauty, she's grace, she'll punch you in the face -– but only if you attempt to besmirch her honor, that is. The eldest Bridgerton daughter, Daphne, is the picture-perfect image of a young lady making her societal debut. She was named the queen's diamond in Season 1 of "Bridgerton," proving that she can shine in more ways than one.

Although fully aware of her duties to marry and have a family, Daphne doesn't take any nonsense when it comes to finding the right husband. Despite her eldest brother's attempts to fend off undesirable suitors, Daphne can manage her affairs without his help. Her clever plan to feign a courtship between herself and Simon Basset is a stroke of genius, and she isn't afraid to stand her ground and refuse the hand of the horrible Lord Nigel Berbrooke (Jamie Beamish), even when her brother insists upon it.

On the surface, Daphne is more than willing to perform the duties expected of her. Yet she also manages to claim that which she most desired — a true love match. And she does it without sacrificing her gentle spirit.

4. Simon Basset

From the moment he rides up on horseback to the Hastings estate, fans became enamored with the Duke of Hastings. Not only is he easy on the eyes, but Simon Basset (Page) is intelligent, charming, and highly principled –- though some of those principles might be a bit questionable. After inheriting his title following his father's passing, Simon is determined to remain a bachelor after making a vow on his father's deathbed. All the romantic tropes are there, and "Bridgerton" lovers were totally on board.

When he reluctantly returns to London society, Simon has no plans to find a wife and settle down. He also hasn't planned on meeting Daphne Bridgerton, the demure sister of his good friend, Anthony. Though he resists his feelings for a long while, Simon finally confesses his love for Daphne shortly after being rushed into marriage. Unfortunately, his dishonesty nearly tears them apart. Then again, Daphne's response to his betrayal has many fans believing she went too far.

In the end, the couple were able to forgive each other and live out their days happily ever after. So far, anyway. Who knows what the "Bridgerton" writers may have yet in store for the Duke and Duchess in future episodes?

3. Kate Sharma

Not unlike the Kate of Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew," Miss Kate Sharma has a sharp wit, a formidable presence, and is not to be trifled with. After being shunned by London society for decades, Kate and her family return to find a suitable husband for the youngest sister, Edwina. Kate acts as a gatekeeper to Edwina's suitors, making things difficult for the eligible bachelors who come calling. Little does she expect that the most insufferable one of them all, Anthony Bridgerton, would prove to be more of a challenge than she could ever have anticipated.

From their first meeting, the sparks that fly between Kate and Anthony are undeniable. However, everything changes when the queen names Edwina the season's new diamond. Eager to have a wife worthy of being Viscountess to the Bridgertons, Anthony's sights are set on wooing Edwina. Yet after Kate overhears a conversation in which Anthony claims that love is not a marriage requirement, Kate warns Edwina to steer clear, untrusting of Lord Bridgerton's intentions.

While Kate could be admired for her strength of will and independence, she is not entirely without flaws. She keeps more than one secret from her mother and sister, the revelation of which results in catastrophe for everyone involved. Her need to control Edwina's destiny may have been out of sisterly affection but ultimately leads to some selfish decisions. Still, being an older sister is a heavy burden, and one can't fault Kate too much for that.

2. Anthony Bridgerton

If we were only looking at Season 1 of "Bridgerton," then the eldest son of the Bridgerton family might be much lower on the list. However, thanks to the shift of focus on Anthony's actions in Season 2, fans have come to see this former rake in a much kinder light.

In the beginning episodes of "Bridgerton," the devilishly handsome Anthony was prideful, misogynistic, and somewhat hypocritical. He insists on being in charge of Daphne's marriage arrangements, even as he has a fling with opera singer Siena (Sabrina Bartlett), with whom he had no plans to ever marry. He continues to toy with Siena's feelings throughout the first season until she finally stands her ground and sends him packing. He then challenges his best friend to a duel without even considering his sister's feelings on the matter, risking his life, his freedom, and his family's good name.

There is little to sympathize with Anthony's character in Season 1. However, Season 2 offered a closer examination of the character, allowing fans to understand the pressures of Lord Bridgerton's status finally. He lost his father at a young age and was immediately burdened with the duties of heading a household. It isn't until years later that Anthony starts taking his role as Viscount seriously, and he feels that he must take drastic measures to make up for the lost time. Fortunately, falling in love with Kate Sharma seemed to be just what Anthony needed to find the peace he had been trying to find for so long.

1. Lady Danbury

Though she may not technically be royalty, Lady Danbury (Adjoa Andoh) is the queen of sass, and "Bridgerton" fans are here for it. It's hard to find anything not to like about this character –- and believe us, we've looked. Surely she must have her flaws somewhere, but so far, all we see is perfection.

Introduced in Season 1 as the godmother of Simon Basset, Lady Danbury is on point when it comes to telling it like it is. She has no qualms about voicing her opinion, yet she remains one of the most influential members of the Ton. She takes young Simon under her wing after his mother dies, defying the Duke of Hastings's aversion to a boy that he deems to be imperfect and therefore unworthy. Both Simon and Lady Danbury prove the Duke wrong in the end, even though he dies on his hill of misery.

When it comes to making true love matches, Lady Danbury is the puppeteer behind the curtain who pulls the strings. She helps to convince the queen to allow Simon and Daphne to marry, and she is there for the Bridgertons when Anthony and Edwina's wedding goes up in smoke. She may not always tell people what they want to hear but has no qualms about telling people what they need to hear — and that is what makes her truly great.

Honorable Mention: Newton

From the moment "Bridgerton" fans set eyes on that adorable face and those bright brown eyes, they fell instantly in love. No, we're not talking about Anthony Bridgerton, but the true star of Season 2 -– Newton. The youngest member of the Sharma family may be small in stature, but this corgi plays a big role in the hearts of fans (and dog lovers). In Episode 1 of "Bridgerton," Lady Danbury has taken in the Sharma family in the hopes of securing a match for Miss Edwina Sharma. As they are gathered together to discuss such matters, Miss Kate Sharma insists that any important conversation must await Newton's arrival before taking place –- as she should.

Whether he is sitting prettily in Kate's lap or being the bane of Anthony's existence, Newton deserves all of the love and affection a good doggo can get. For fans of the books, Newton was a highly anticipated addition to the "Bridgerton" cast. Reactions to his appearance on the show had many fans on Reddit rejoicing. "When I saw Newton I screamed with glee," gushed u/RascalRuby. "Not to be dramatic, but I would die for Newton the corgi," u/FunkyChewbacca proclaimed. Even if he doesn't have his own romantic storyline, the love fans have for this cuddly corgi is very real.